Pin Point                                                                            Shriniwas Gedam

Osho was a great philosopher. That’s why not many people didn’t like his thoughts. Osho’s voice, the way of explaining was extraordinary. Not only was Osho highly educated, his scholarship and thinking was quite admirable.

Many of his opponents appear to oppose his thoughts unnecessarily. Many people may not have read Osho’s book  ‘From Sex to Super Consciousness’ but just looking at the title they start to wrinkle their noses.

Many people do not like talking about sex. Sex, which is called Kama in Marathi, is one of the four purusharthas of man. Sex (Kama) is a special gift given by nature to humans and other animals to create life. It is through the intercourse of the male and the female that the cycle of the world’s life continues.

Whether a common man or a saint, a great man or any man, he or she is born only through this process of intercourse. Action is the same but with different nature.  How could sex that produces a great man be bad? Sex is not bad, too much of it is bad!

Anger, greed, Kama– all these things are necessary for man. They are the signs that a person is alive. If not, what is the difference between the living and the dead? Excess of sex makes a man a beast! It is necessary to gain control over sex. The fire of sex never extinguishes. If you pour oil on the fire, it will burn even more. Sex is like fire.

Both excessiveness and suppression of sex are bad. It is beneficial to coordinate both. Welfare lies in it.



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