Markanda Yatra on way of becoming tobacco-kharra free.

markanda yatra
Muktipath volunteers seen in Markanda Yatra.

Gadchiroli Feb. 22 (District Correspondent) Markanda, which is considered as the Kashi of Vidarbha, is becoming tobacco and kharra free thanks to the efforts of Muktipath and the administration.

Markanda Deo is visited every year on the occasion of Mahashivratri. A large number of devotees from Vidarbha region as well as the states of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Madhya Pradesh come here for darshan. In any Yatra, there are shops selling clothes, toys, food items, various items etc. The specialty of this yatra is that since 2016, this yatra is being celebrated in coordination with alcohol and tobacco free committee. There is no real tobacco shop in this row of shops. This is done with the cooperation of Muktipatha Abhiyan, District Administration, Police Department, Temple Committee and Gram Panchayat Administration.

Kharra made from aromatic tobacco is famous in Vidarbha. It has a great impact on health. In order to reduce its consumption, every year this Yatra is celebrated as alcohol and tobacco free festival by Muktipath Abhiyan and administration.

Like every year, strict instructions were given by the administration to prevent the sale of tobacco products and marijuana in the shops in the Yatra area. Also, the local Paan Stalls in the village were completely closed during this period and instead they have put up toys, fruits, worship materials or other material.

In order that no one consumes tobacco in the yatra area, the volunteers of Muktipath Abhiyan are appealing to the devotees near the entrance to put the khara, tobacco, bidi cigarettes in a box. Many devotees are putting these items in this box by themselves. The volunteers are also getting the support of the police department.

On the last day of Holi, the accumulated tobacco products will be destroyed. have even received a bottle of liquor was found in the pocket of some exceptional enthusiasts. In the morning and evening of the Yatra, awareness rallies are conducted by volunteers, the shops are checked to see if anyone is secretly selling tobacco products. The costume of human bones used during the rally is a special attraction and the message is being given that if eaten kharra, the body becomes a trap of bones. Police administration is also giving help where it is necessary.

This important activity is being done by Muktipatha. District Administration, Sub Divisional Police Officer Pranil Gilda, Sub Divisional Magistrate of Chamorshi Todsam, Tehsildar Sanjay Nagtilak, Markanda Gram Panchayat, Temple Committee have given special support to this work. Muktipath Abhiyan activists are working hard for this.

Photo Muktipath volunteers seen in Markanda Yatra.


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