Lloyds Hospital at Hedri becomes a centre of modern health care in remote area.

Lloyds Hospital
The building of Lloyds Kali Ammal Memorial Hospital

Gadchiroli Feb. 4 (District Correspondent) Lloyds Kali Ammal Memorial Hospital opened at Hedri village in Etapalli taluka of the district by Lloyds Metals and Energy Ltd., has been benefitting the people from Etapalli Taluka since the opening of this modern hospital

Earlier, the villagers used to majorly depend on village doctors called Vaidus for their diseases or illnesses. Due to lack of awareness and certain apprehensions, the major diseases would go untreated and ultimately would result in loss of lives. The establishment of a hospital equipped with all the facilities, expert doctors and staff, and the latest medical technology & equipment was a long-cherished dream of Lloyds and its’ Managing Director – Mr. B. Prabhakaran.

Right from when the idea was taken up with the villagers for the land acquisition till the date when the hospital was established, the Lloyds team received the full support of villagers. Although there were initial apprehensions for villagers to come at the hospital, but slowly and steadily the good quality treatment at absolutely no cost with their nutritional and medical needs taken care of, has become a symbol of hope and health for the villagers. The Lloyds Kali Ammal Memorial Hospital has become a landmark for the many villages.

The hospital is equipped with a 30-bedded facility offering a plethora of medical services. It has state-of-the-art ICU and Emergency Services, Maternity Services, Dentistry, Ophthalmology, General Medicine and Paediatrics. In addition, the hospital has advanced diagnostic services like Digital X-ray, Sonography, ECG, Spirometry, Audiometry and 24×7 Laboratory Services. Dietician, Physiotherapy Services and a well-equipped all-day running pharmacy are some of the highlights of the hospital.

With a vision to offer the needed effective medical services at the doorstep of villages, LKAM Hospital has full-time doctors for Emergency Medicine and other emergencies including ENT, General Surgery. The hospital also conducts medical camps. Beyond medical services, this hospital actively engages in community outreach programs, health education, and preventive healthcare initiatives, contributing to the overall well-being of the region.

The residents from surrounding villages including Gatta, Etapalli, Alapalli, Jambia and Bhamragad also have been availing these services. There are already plans to offer more specialized services and to create even better facilities, so that people from adjoining villages get the best of treatment. Going ahead, even people from adjoining talukas of Gadchiroli will visit Hedri for its’ medical facilities, it is hoped.

The Lloyds Kali Ammal Memorial Hospital and the team is a testimony to the changing scenario of Gadchiroli  and can very well be described as a beginning to the robust healthcare system that will be a pillar for the development of Gadchiroli, it is hoped.


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