Kamlapur elephant’s treatment starts-Camp closed for 12 days.

kamlapur elephants
An elephant in Kamlapur Camp being treated.

Gadchiroli Feb. 3 (District Correspondent) As the annual medical check-up of the elephants in well-known Kamlapur Elephant Camp in the district is being conducted, this camp has been closed for the public for 12 days.

Kamlapur Elephant Camp situated at village Kamlapur under Sironcha forest Division, is quite famous in Vidarbha region because of the presence of jumbos and the scenic beauty around it. Hundreds of tourists visit this place every day to see the elephants.

Presently there are 8 elephants in this camp including 7 female and 1 male namely Ajit, Mangala, Basanti, Rupa, Rani, Priyanka, Ganesh and Laxmi. The medical treatment is done on the scratches in their feet in every winter season as it becomes troublesome for them to walk because of the scratch injuries. Besides the feet treatment, overall care of the elephants also is being taken during this period.

During this period, the feet of the jumbos are given necessary medical treatment for the recovery of their injuries. This medical treatment is underway now and the animals will be made to rest. That is why the camp has been closed for the tourists. The tourists, therefore will not be able to see the elephants for 12 days.

The Range Forest Officer and Veterinary Officer of Kamlapur are supervising the elephants.




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