Kiran Pandav appointed contact chief of Gadchiroli Chimur Lok Sabha

kiran pandav
Kiran Pandav

Gadchiroli March 6 (District Correspondent) East Vidarbha Contact Chief of shiv Sena (Shinde) Kiran Pandav has been appointed as Shiv Sena Contact Chief for Gadchiroli-Chimur Lok Sabha.

The said appointment has been made by the Chief Minister of Maharashtra and leader of the Shiv Sena party Eknath Shinde recently. In the Lok Sabha and Assembly elections scheduled to be held next year, Shiv Sena will field some candidates from BJP’s alliance. On this background this appointment has been made.

Mr. Kiran Pandav has been given this responsibility to ensure the victory of the party candidates during these elections. Mr. Pandav has been active in east Vidarbha districts for the last three years and he has a vast public contact in the region. This experience will benefit the party during the elections, hoped Mr. Pandav.

Many shiv Sena workers in the district have congratulated him on this appointment.


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