Kids connect with nature in ‘Mama’s Village’.

children's camp
Children engaged in making handicraft items in the camp.

Gadchiroli May 4 (District correspondent) In today’s fast-paced era, the children who are stuck in the web of mobile screens and internet had a wonderful fun in the unique camp called ‘Let’s go to Mama’s Village’, organized by Greens Institute’s Kilbil Nature Club to reconnect the children with nature.

In this three-day camp organized at the ashram school of village Chandala run by Dandakaranya Sanstha, the children did bird watching and nature observation. They made beautiful forts using soil and leaves, flowers, made plates from palas leaves, made many durable items from waste materials, observed the sky with a telescope and experienced the twinkling stars.

The children alsoplayed many native games like kanche, laghori, dhabadhubi, galoli etc on the rain-soaked ground. They had fun taking pictures. All the children were given nature conservation lessons by telling them importance of nature. Many things like cleaning the teeth with a neem stick, etc.

The camp conducted under the guidance of Greens Institute President Anjali Kulmethe, Honorary Wildlife Warden Milind Umre, Prin. Sudhir Gohane. Mr. Mahadev Satone taught the art of creating sustainable items from waste, while Prof. Suresh Chopne gave detailed information about astronomy and made sky watch through telescope. Police Inspector Varsha Naitam briefed the children about child protection laws in simple language.

Dandakaranya President Prin. Dr. Rajabhau Munghate, Prin. Vandana Munghate, Er. Suresh Ladke, Ms. Yashodhara Usendi, Kiritbhai Patel, Rajesh Itankar were prominently present at the concluding function.

Dr. Munghate while appreciating this camp said that there is an urgent need for such activities to bring children closer to nature. He also told the children about his childhood memories.

On this occasion, other dignitaries also expressed their views on this unique concept of the camp. While narrating their experiences, the campers said that they learned many things in the camp and were happy to play games that they had never heard of in their life. They all insisted that such camp should be organized continuously.

Vice-Chancellor of Gondwana University Dr. Prashant Bokare, Conservator of Forests Kishore Mankar, Dy. Conservator of Forest Dharamveer Salvitthal, Sub Divisional Police Officer Pranil Gilda gave special guidance. Mr. Shemdev Chafle, Rajesh Itankar, Subhash Dhandare, Satish Chichghare, Meera Bisen, Sanjay Shegaonkar, Nitin Hemke along with Khushal Thackeray, Om Sarde, Sharad Doke, Atish Urkude, Nilesh Patle cooperated for making the camp successful.

The students of Shirish Bambole’s music school organized a music evening for the campers. In this, children performed melodious songs with instruments such as guitar, casio, octapad etc.




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