Illicit mahua liquor dens destroyed by Muktipath teams.

mahua liquor
The drums of rotten mahua flowers

Gadchiroli July 14 (District Correspondent) As many as 93 drums of rotten mahua flowers and 120 litters of mahua liquor found at different places in Dhanora taluka were destroyed by the Muktipath team by way of collective non-violent action with the help of village level organization recently.

This drive was conducted in Sitatola, Jambli, Ghotevihir villages in Dhanora taluka and Ranbhumi, Mademul villages in Gadchiroli taluka. Quite a sensation has prevailed among the persons involved in brewing mahua liquor illegally despite a liquor ban in the district with this action.

Information was received from the village organizations of the respective villages that the sellers of various villages in the border areas of Dhanora and Gadchiroli talukas are using hand furnaces to filter liquor by using mahua flowers. Based on the information, with the help of the village organization, Muktipath office Gadchirli and Dhanora team together took collective non-violent action.

During the search operation in Sitatola, Jambli, Ghotevihir in Dhanora taluka and Ranabhoomi, forest areas of Mademul, as many as 93 drums of rotten mahua flowers (moha sadwa) which is used for brewing liquor and 120 litters of mahua liquor were found. On seeing the teams, the liquor sellers left the burning liquor furnace and fled towards the forest.

Due to this action, the liquor sellers have panicked. In the border areas of Dhanora and Gadchiroli talukas, alcohol is distilled under the cover of forest. This liquor is then supplied to various villages in the area as well as retailers in the city through the vendors. Therefore, Muktipath village organizations are demanding that a case be registered against the vendors also and their furnaces installed in the forest area be destroyed.



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