Build the party with renewed vigor- Anil Deshmukh to NCP cadres.

ncp rally
Mr. Anil Deshmukh addressing the rally as Mr. Rajendra Vaidya, Atul Ganyarpawar, Irfan Pathan, Suresh Poreddiwar and others are seated.

Gadchiroli July 13 (District Correspondent) ‘Don’t bother about those who have left the party and our beloved leader Sharad Pawar who is a public hero in real sense. There are crores of people in the state and the country who still love Mr. Pawar. Connect all these people with the party with a renewed vigour and build the organization once again on their strength’.

This emotional appeal was made by Mr. Anil Deshmukh, former Minister and senior leader of Nationalist Congress Party while addressing the workers rally at Abhinav Mangal Karyalaya here on Wednesday night.

The impressive rally was organized by Mr. Atul Ganyarpawar, Chairman of APMC, Chamorshi and a staunch supporter of Sharad Pawar. Mr. Rajendra Vaidya, Observer of the district, Irfan Pathan, State member of NCP, Suresh Poreddiwar, former Municipal Chief, , Jagannath Patil Borkute, former Chairman of ZP Agriculture Committee, Shyam Dhait, senior leader, Vijay Goradwar, NCP Gadchiroli City President were prominently present.

The NCP led by Mr. Sharad Pawar is the original party, some leaders and MLAs have deserted the party leaving behind the father figure at the age of 83 years. The NCP workers, supporters and the comman people will teach these deserters a lesson in the coming future, thundered Mr. Deshmukh.

Criticising BJP strongly, Mr. Deshmukh further said that BJP has started the politics of dividing the opposition by misusing the central agencies like ED, CBI etc because it has realised that they can’t gain power on their own as they have lost the people’s faith. The people of Maharashtra is fed up with such a dirty game of politics. The real face of power-hungry BJP has come to light and the people will never excuse BJP for such a divisive and opportunist politics, he warned.

Mr. Atul Ganyarpawar said there are so many workers and people in the district of Gadchiroli who love and support Mr. Sharad Pawar. These people are the real strength of the party and they have assembled today to express their whole hearted support to their undisputed leader. The NCP will be reorganized with a renewed zeal and strength on the support of these workers, he stated.

Efforts will be made to bring together all those workers who have gone away from the party and the strength of the party will be shown in the coming elections, Ganyarpawar said.

Mr. Vijay Goradwar made an introductory speech, Mr. Amarkumar Khandare conducted the programme and also proposed the vote of thanks. Mr. Raju Atram, Premanand Mallik, Naimbhai sheikh, Amol Kulmethe, Bhashkar Nimje, Ms. Sandhya Uike, Minal Chimurkar, Indrapal Gedam, Sanjay Koche, Pramila Ramteke, Neeta Bobate, Prasad Pawar, Suvarna Pawar and others took pains for the success of the rally that was largely attended by the NCP workers.

Photo Mr. Anil Deshmukh addressing the rally as Atul Ganyarpawar, Irfan Pathan, Suresh Poreddiwar and other leaders are seated.


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