Gondwana University insulted the degree holders-allege senate members.

senate members
Dr. Dilip Chaudhari addressing the press conference as others are seated.

Gadchiroli July 5 (District Correspondent) Senate members of the Gondwana University have strongly condemned the university administration for the ‘grave insult of the degree holders and non- following of the protocol of the convocation’ and have demanded action against the concerned authorities for this.

As many as 3 senate members- Dr. Dilip Chaudhari, Mr. Deepak Dhopte and Dr. Nilesh Belkhede and Dr. Pramod Shambharkar, ex senate member  addressed the press conference at the Press Club here immediately after the convocation and told about the ‘mis management and chaos’ that took place at the venue of the convocation after the departure of the guests.

As many as 53 gold medal winners and more than 50 PhD. holders of the university were called by the university to present them degrees at the convocation but degrees were conferred upon only 5 students at the hands of the President of India. After that the programme was declared to have been concluded. The students who had come from very long distance for receiving their degrees were shocked and anguished to see that they are not being presented their degrees and were highly and disappointed on the approach of the university authorities, told Dr. Chaudhari.

Some of the students then started shouting demanding their degrees but no any university authority was present at the site. After some time, the vice chancellor came at the venue and started distributing degrees in a very un-ceremonial way that caused more insult anger to the students. The students, for whom and on whose money the programme was organized were thus gravely insulted by the university, alleged Dr. Chaudhari.

No any protocol of the convocation was followed by the university. The entire event was a more the political activity than the convocation. The students were totally ignored by the authorities which a matter of condemnation, he said. Dr. Chaudhari and other senate members demanded that the vice chancellor and the other authorities should publicly apologise for this insult of the students.

The university has violated all the rules and procedures of the convocation and made the programme a political event that is not admissible in the university, he alleged.

He also alleged that the university insulted the senate members, management council members, principals and office bearers of education institutions also in the programme in the name of protocol of the President of India.

We are going to lodge a complaint with the chancellor of the universities in this regard, told Dr. Chaudhari.



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