Farmers to get 12 hours power supply-MLA Krishna Gajbe’s efforts bore fruit.

krishna gajbe
Mr. Krishna Gajbe submitting a memorandum to Mr. Devendra Fadnavis.

Gadchiroli Dec. 1 (District Correspondent) The efforts of Armori MLA Krishna Gajbe have finally bore fruit as the the state government has sanctioned his demand of providing 12 hours power supply to the agricultural pumps of the farmers. Mr. Gajbe had pressed up the demand with the government and made the necessary follow up in this regard.

As the entire Gadchiroli district including Armori constituency is tribal populted, remotely situated and naxal infested as well as largely forested, the farmers were facing great difficulty in providing their crops during night time in want of power supply. Many farmers and farm laborers also lost their lives in the attacks of wild animals in the past few years. Therefore, there was a growing demand from the farmers to supply electricity to the agricultural pumps for 12 hours a day.

MLA Krishna Gajbe took serious cognizance of the said demand with the same promptness and met the Deputy Chief Minister and Energy Minister of the state Mr. Devendra Fadnavis in Mumbai and demanded to supply electricity to the agricultural pumps for 12 hours a day. Because of this demand and regular follow-up, the agriculture pumps in the entire Gadchiroli district including Armori Assembly constituency will now get 12-hour power supply.

It has been decided by the government to supply electricity for 12 hours a day from 28 November 2023 till further orders from 6 am to 6 pm. MLA Krishna Gajbe expressed his gratitude to the Chief Minister Namdar Eknath Shinde, Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis and Ajitdada Pawar for fulfilling this demand.

Due to this decision, an atmosphere of happiness has spread among the farmers of Armori constituency and the entire Gadchiroli district and many of the farmers have thanked Mr. Gajbe for his efforts.




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