Dr. Usendi demands Dewalmari miracle pond as tourist spot.

dewalmari miracle
Dr. Namdeo Usendi watching the miracle pond.

Gadchiroli Dec. 28 (District correspondent) Former MLA and Maharashtra Pradesh Congress Committee General Secretary Dr. Namdeo Usendi has demanded immediate development of Dewalmari Miracle Water Pond as the tourist spot.

Dr. Usendi recently visited the village Avalmari near Venkatapur in Aheri taluka and inspected the water miracle available at the place. Around 500 meters from the village, there is a miraculous water pond. If you clap or make a loud noise near the pond, the flow of clean water comes out bubbling from that pond.

A wonderful miracle of nature is seen at this pond. Even in summer, the same amount of water flows from this pond. When Dr. Namdevrao Usendi visited the place, he experienced that there was no road to reach that pond. Also, no public representative is seen to develop this tourist destination. Promotion of this tourist destination will attract tourists from different regions to this place, Dr. Usendi has said.

If this place id developed as the tourist spot, people in that area can get employment and their economic situation can improve. Dr. Usendi has urged the district administration to develop this tourist spot immediately.




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