Congress leaders resolve to establish single handed power in Maharashtra too.

congress committee
Mr. Mahendra bramhanwade addressing the meeting as Marotrao Kowase, Dr. Namdeo Usendi, Dr. Namdeo kirsan and others are seated

Gadchiroli May 21 (District Correspondent) After the resounding success of the Congress party in the Karnataka Assembly elections, the Gadchiroli District Congress Committee meeting was held under the chairmanship of former MP Marotrao Kowase. It was resolved in this meeting to establish one-handed power of the Congress party in the upcoming elections and to strengthen the party organization.

In this meeting, resolution was passed to congratulate the Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge, Congress leaders Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi on Karnataka Victory. It was decided to give larger opportunity to youth and women in the district organization in the upcoming elections.

Since the BJP government came to power, there has been chaos in the country for the past nine years. The rulers are unable to control the ever-increasing inflation, prices of gas, petrol, diesel, agricultural implements, seeds and unemployment. Due to this, the life of common citizens has become difficult, it was alleged by Mr. Mahendra Bramhanwade, DCC President.

In the state of Maharashtra also BJP Shinde government is in power but Konsari project in the district has not started yet, Surjagad raw materials are being sold outside the district and the state. Due to this, many youths in the district are deprived of employment. Due to the bad condition of the roads, the number of accidents is increasing day by day. Many irrigation projects are still pending. Even though there is no big industry, the electricity of the farmers is being reduced by continuous load shedding. The BJP MP and two MLAs seems to be ignoring these problems, it was further pointed out.

Mr. Brahmanwade instructed the office-bearers to strengthen booth and village committees in order to establish one-handed power of the Congress in the district in the upcoming local self-government and Lok Sabha elections.

former MLA Dr. Namdev Usendi, Maharashtra Pradesh Congress General Secretary  Dr. Namdevrao Kirsan, Regional Secretary Pankaj Guddewar,  Dr. Nitin Kodawe, State Secretary of Mahila Congress Chandatai Kodawate, OBC Cell Regional Vice President Jessa Motwani, former ZP Vice Presidents Manohar Poretti,  Jeevan Patil Nat, Women President Adv. Kavita Moharkar,  State Secretary Kusumtai Alam, Youth Congress State Secretary Vishwajit Kowase, Employment Cell President Damdev Mandalwar, OBC Cell President Bhupesh Kolte, Schedule Cell President Rajnikant Motghare, Consumer Cell President Bharat Yerme, Parivahan Cell President Rupesh Tickle, Tribal Congress President Chhagan Shedmake, Kisan Cell President Vamanrao Savasakde and the Presidents of all the taluka committees attended the meeting.

Photo Mr. Mahendra bramhanwade addressing the meeting as Marotrao Kowase, Dr. Namdeo Usendi, Dr. Namdeo kirsan and others are seated.



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