Concept of state Socialism derives from Buddhism-Bhandant Gyan Jyoti.

bhandant gyan jyoti
Bhadant Gyan Jyoti delivering a discourse as other Bhikkus are seated.

Gadchiroli Oct. 8 (District Correspondent) ‘Buddha always wanted the welfare and betterment of the society. In many of his discourses and the sacred books like Tripitakas this can be traced. The concept of state socialism enshrined in the Constitution of India has been adopted from the teaching of Lord Buddha’, claimed Bha Gyan Jyoti Mahasthaveer, well known Buddhist Monk from Sangharam Giri while delivering a religious discourse at Samyak Buddha Vihar of Gokul Nagar here on Saturday.

Bhante Dhamma Jyoti, Bhante Yashwardhan, Bhante Surya Jyoti, Bhante Shanti Jyoti, Bhante Amar Jyoti, Bhante Shiwli, Bhante Mahendra were prominently present on the occasion.

Mentioning an example of a couplet from the Tripitaka ‘Fito Bhawtu lokoch- Raja Bhawtu Dhammiko’, Bhadant Gyan Jyoti, in his though provoking and studied discourse further said that Buddha had given a valuable advice to the then Kings like Prasenjit, Bimbisara and others to be religious as the one with religious mind alone can work for the welfare of the masses. This advice needs to be followed even in the present times, he appealed.

India has been a place of the Buddhism. In various excavations, the remains of the Buddha culture and Buddha era have been found in the country which is the live evidence of the prevalence of the great Dhamma and Buddhist Stupas during the old times. This valued tradition has to be preserved and carried forward to make the country happy and prosperous as Buddhism has the philosophy of human welfare, Bhadant Gyan Jyoti stated.

Buddha Dhamma is itself a revolution. The Constitution of India has many of the Buddhist principles. The proper implementation of the constitution is needed and Dhamma can create the people who can shoulder this responsibility ably, he asserted.

There is also a need of creating a equality- based society with scientific approach and Buddhism can do it. The principles of Buddhism should be spread all over the world for the betterment of mankind, Bhadant Gyan Jyoti said appealing the people to take an initiative in this task.

Mr. Rohidas Raut, social worker,  Prof. Gautam Dange, General Secretary of Bouddha Mahasabha,  Kawduji Undirwade, President of Samyak Senior citizens Association were also prominently present at the programme.

At the outset, Bhadant Gyan Jyoti and other Bhikkus were welcomed by the members of Samyak Samaj Samiti and Vishakha Mahila Mandal. Mr. Tularam Raut conducted the programme and Hansraj Undirwade proposed the vote of thanks.  Pradeep Bhaisare, Lahuji Ramteke, Sunil Urade, Ms. Sumitra Raut, Manisha Walke and others took pains for the success of the programme. A large number of Buddhist followers and citizens  attended the programme.




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