Collective efforts must to fight against atrocities on dalits, tribals- Thool.

movement for justice
Mr. C. L. Thool speaking at the seminar as Mr. Rohidas Raut and others are seated.

Gadchiroli June 2 (District correspondent) Despite legal provisions, atrocities are being perpetrated on Dalits and tribals in the country even after all these years of independence and collective efforts are needed to be made to fight against these atrocities, said Just. (Retired) C. L. Thool, former Chairman of SC-ST Commission.

He was speaking at a seminar on the subject ‘Challenges before SC STs and measures to face them’ organized by ‘Movement for Justice’ at Sanvidhan Sabhagriha here the other day.

Mr. Rohidas Raut, senior journalist and social activist, presided over the programme while Adv. Ashwin Thool, senior High Court lawyer from Mumbai, Adv. Jaymangal Dhanraj, former Principal of Dr. Ambedkar Law college, Mumbai, Adv. Santosh Tenhalikar from Thane were prominently present as the guests of honour.

Mr. Thool further said that special acts were promulgated for giving safeguards to those sections of society which were subjected to injustice for the thousands of years. Special privileges were also given to these sections to bring them at par with the developed society. The provisions were made in the ‘directives principles of the state policy’ to protect the human rights. However, atrocities and injustice still continue. Now the intellectual atrocities have begun besides the age old traditional barbaric atrocities which is a very serious issue. On this background we will have to be alert and more united to fight against this new form of atrocity, Mr. Thool cautioned.

Mr. Dhanraj said Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar fought against injustice with the two weapons- that is politics and law. The Ambedkarites will have to strengthen both these weapons to face the present challenges before them. The social activists and lawyers should join hands and work for this, he appealed.

Adv. Ashwin Thool and Adv. Tenhalikar also spoke on the occasion and called upon the lawyer’s fraternity to come forward and launch a comman platform to fight against the growing injustice so that the constitutional safeguards of the Dalits and tribals are protected and remain intact.

Mr. Dharmanand Meshram, senior member of Movement for Justice conducted the programme and Mr. Devendra Sonpipre, senior activist proposed the vote of thanks. A large number of social activists, lawyers and citizens attended the programme.




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