Baitul team visits Mohgaon Gondi School, demand early approval.

gondi school

Gadchiroli Oct. 31 (District Correspondent) The study team from Baitul in Madhya Pradesh visited the Gondi language school of village Mohgaon in Gadchiroli district to understand the work and functioning of the school.

According to Art. 244(1) of the constitution of India, the first ever Gondi language school was opened this school in Mohgaon village and started educating children in their mother tongue. But still the government has not accorded its approval to the school. The team from Baitul recently came to visit this school to understand its work and pattern.

Koitad Gond Mahasabha founder Sukhlusingh Ahke of Baitul, District President Dashrath Irpachi, Secretary Sukhdev Ivan and Prakash Salame, a scholar of Harappan script from Amravati were present in this team.

The Gondi language is a pre-Dravidian language and was widely spoken in the Madhya Pradesh before Independence. Rather, it was the royal language of the Gondwana state. After linguistic based states formation, Gondi language people did not get their separate state, therefore, education could not be imparted through Gondi language, it was told by the visiting scholars.

Koytur Gond group is large and their culture is classic and cultural value is creative. To keep the culture alive, it is necessary to keep the language alive. Wherever Koytur Gond culture exists, the natural resources like water, forest, land are safe. Nature’s self-preservation is hidden in this culture itself. In order to preserve the language and culture, the government should have provided education to the Gondi language groups in their own mother tongue immediately after the Independence, it was pointed out.

The Gram Sabha in Mohgaon, considering this situation has opened a school by self-government by using the clause of the Constitution of India to provide education to their children and achieve the overall development of the students, it was informed by the Gram Sabha members.

The team from Baitul demanded during the visit that the government must give its approval to this school immediately and pave the way of education through Gondi language to the local students.



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