Gondwana University Avishkar contest prizes distributed.


Gadchiroli Jan. 11 (District correspondent) The examiners want to give the marks. Those who fail should prepare for the next competition with renewed vigour. The winners will compete in the Invention Competition to be held in Pune. The University will provide all possible assistance to all such students.

This was stated by Gondwana University Pro VC Dr. Shriram Kawle at the prize distribution ceremony of the inter-collegiate Avishkar contest recently held at the University.

Director of Student Development Dr. Dr. Shailaindra Dev, Director Innovation, Research Dr. Manish Uttarwar, Principal of Anandavan College Mrinal Kale, Principal of Chintamani Science College Dr. Rajeev Veginwar, Prof. Dr. Yogeshwar Dudhapachere, Prof. Rupendra Kumar Gaur were prominently present.

Dr. Manish Uttarwar said, our life is a laboratory. Students should always think what can they offer that is better than the old one? The students who come forward from the invention competition will be given all possible support through the university’s innovation centre, he promised.

There were 45 projects from 6 categories in the Avishkar competition. Out of that 29 projects were selected. Manish Uttarwar, Prin. Mrinal Kale, Prin. Rajeev Veginwar, Prof. Anirudh Gachke, Prof. Dhanraj Patil, Prof. Yogeshwar Dudhapachere were the examiners of this contest. The winning students will participate in the state level invention competition to be held in Pune shortly.

Dr. Shailaindra Dev made an introductory speech, Prof. Pallavi Satkar conducted the programme and vote of thanks was given by Prof. Nanda Yadav.

A large number of teachers and students attended the program. The students presented their projects on agricultural equipment, compressor jet engine, traffic control signal, compost fertilizer for field application, soil moisture sensor, solar operator multifunctional power tiller, rainwater alarm system, alcohol-free natural sanitizer, traffic alarm model, detection of adulterated food grains using household materials etc.

The winners were  Payal  Kambadi, Yadavrao Poshattiwar Arts College Talodhi, Dr. Shweta Sunil Bobde from Dr. Ambedkar college, Chandrapur, Sirman Karpose, Shrikant Sao from SP College, Chandrapur.


Commerce Management and Law category- Falak Chughe, Sardar Patel College Chandrapur, Sakshi Gonade, Vedant Alamst, Hina Raut Gram Gita College Chimur, Pallavi Yadav, Aishwarya Akkewar Sardar Patel College Chandrapur,

From science category – Payal  Bankar, SP College, Mohnish Thackeray Khatri College Tukum, Priya Bagde, Shree Dyanesh College Nawargaon, Dipti Phale SP College Chandrapur, Mega Khaire, Ambedkar College Chandrapur, Pooja Matte SP College Chandrapur,

Agriculture and Veterinary category -Saili  Kawle, Chintamani College of Arts and Science, Nilesh Gedam Khatri College Tukum, Chandrapur, Arigraj Parvate Shree Dyanesh College Navargaon, Jatin Girdkar, Gram Gita College Chimur, Akshay Pal, Khatri College Tukum.

Engineering and Technology Category – Rajvika Pramod Veginwar, Bhojraj Lanjewar, Santosh Shinde SP College Chandrapur, Second Rohit Gutanwar, Chintamani Science College, Tripti Diliprao Gaurkar, Neha Girdkar SP College Dhanshree Sonkar, Gram Geeta College, Chimur,  Khemdev Nandkishore Burle, Ambedkar College, Chandrapur.

Photo Dr. Shriram Kawle giving away prize to a winning student as others look on.


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