30 youths donate blood in Sanj Madia’s camp.

blood donation
A view of blood donation

Gadchiroli Aug. 12 (District Correspondent) Sanj Madia Multi Activity Society had organized a blood donation camp at the Rural hospital of Bhamragad recently.

As many as 30 youths including some doctors including Dr. Santosh Dakhre, Dr. Pradeep Mallik, Dr. monika Yadao donated their blood voluntarily in this camp. All the donaors were given certificates at the hands of Dr. Deepak Katkade, Medical Officer of the rural hospital. The medical team from Sub district hospital, Aheri including Dr. Asmita Deogade, Nikhil Kondaparti, Sharad Bambode, Kanchan Kumre collected the blood.

The Sanj Madia Society headed by its Founder President Mr. Ruplal Gongle has been organizing such blood donation camps for the last many years. It holds the camps every four months and deposits the collected blood in the government hospital for the use of the needy patients.

Photo A view of the blood donation camp.


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