Young elephant loses its way, roams alone in the fields.

The elephant seen moving on the road.

Gadchiroli Aug. 9 (District Correspondent) Quite a sensation prevailed among the travellers when an isolated elephant lost his way from the herd and walked alone through the paddy fields on Armori road this afternoon.

Some of the enthusiastic travellers however captured the activities of this jumbo in their mobile phones and made the scene viral which has become a matter of wide discussion in the district.

Wild elephants, who have migrated from Odisha for the past two and a half years, have settled in northern Gadchiroli district. This is a herd that consists total of 23 elephants and due to their disturbance, houses and standing crops worth lakhs of rupees have been badly damaged in the border areas of the district.

The herd of the migratory elephants is presently roaming in villages in Kurkheda taluka. One of the elephants, which seems to be quite young, however lost his way and moved alone through the paddy fields, causing a lot of panic among the passengers travelling through the road.

The videotape of this stray elephant was circulated all over the Kurkheda taluk of the district where a herd of wild elephants has been rampaging for the past week which later on became viral and the people could see the travel of this elephant on their phones. The elephant is now reported to have reached the Saoli forest range in Chandrapur district moving via Awalgaon crossing the river.

Fortunately, the elephant did not cause any harm or attack to anybody on the road. The elephant was seen crossing the road and moving to the forest area to find its way instead of going straight on the road probably because of the noise of the onlookers. So, the passengers breathed a sigh of relief. However, seeing the elephant coming towards them, the audience was stunned for some time.

This was a unique live scene watched by the people today that will remain in their memory for ever.

Photo The elephant seen moving on the road.


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