Yoga organized at Lloyds Company- 0ver 2300 participate.

yoga in lloyds
Yoga demonstrations at Lloyds Company.

Gadchiroli June 22 (District Correspondent) Lloyds Metals and Energy Limited, along with Lloyds Infinite Foundation, successfully organized a grand International Yoga Day at village Hedri and Konsari plant. More than 2300 persons participated in this initiative.

The event, held at Hedri ground and Konsari plant, attracted over 2300 participants from the company as well from nearby areas. The program was inaugurated at the hands of Mr. K. Satya Rao, Sai Kumar, Arun Rawat, Ganesh Sethy, P. Rajah, Balram Somnani, and Dr. B.C. Saluja. At Konsari, the program was inaugurated by Col. Sangram Mahapatra, Prabhakar Kohale, Col. Mahendra Singh, and Lt. Col. Ramnath Swamy. Children participated in great numbers and performed yoga demonstrations at the event.

Lloyds Metals and Energy Ltd. ensured a comfortable and inclusive environment for all participants. A convenient bus service was arranged for transportation and refreshments including breakfast and water were provided.

The program was organized by yoga guru, Sangeetha Ravindhran and assisted by Arvind at Hedri and yoga guru, Rinku Ghosh, assisted by Megha Gajjalwar at Konsari.

Over 2300 individuals actively participated in the yoga sessions, experiencing the benefits of this ancient practice and with a commitment to the well-being of everyone. People in their yoga gears performed all the asanas and were properly guided by the yoga gurus on the perfect posture, process and the physical, mental benefits of the asanas. The participants pledged to dedicate their time in doing yoga daily.

The event concluded with a felicitation of yoga gurus and their team members with Shawl and coconut. The participants expressed their joy and gratitude to Lloyds Metals and Energy Limited, Lloyds Infinite Foundation and Lloyds Sports Academy for organizing this Yoga Day.

The program will have positive impact on creating awareness about the significance of yoga and its benefits for overall health and will be a cornerstone in ensuring the well-being of the local community, it was hoped.


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