World Cup and We …… By Shrinivas Gedam.


India’s victory in the World Cup yesterday must have doubled the happiness of Indians on Diwali! Khel said that, Harji has come! When India plays cricket against Pakistan, it becomes a war instead of a game! People on both sides do not like to lose at all! After winning, joy is expressed like a festival and firecrackers are burst. When lost, it is burnt. TVs are broken. Players are abused. The house is attacked. Virat Kohli was the architect of yesterday’s victory. Virat fought the fort alone when four important pawns were destroyed in just thirty-five runs. FOURS… Literally dragged a match that was in a losing position by over-hitting sixes. Until the last ball was bowled, it was not possible to tell who was going to win….. and who was going to lose. After winning the match, Virat is getting a lot of praise everywhere. It is being discussed everywhere! If Virat had failed, we would have seen a different picture. Virat is over…. People who said give him coconuts would have literally torn him apart and eaten him! People want results! Who you are… how you are… has nothing to do with what you did in the past! Now what you do at this moment is important…..
Even if all this is true, at the end of the day, man is….man! He has time… age limits! At some point he will get tired. People who take it on their head today will throw it in the garbage tomorrow. No one remembers. Tomorrow someone else becomes their hero. Once upon a time Sachin Sehwag was a talisman in people’s throats…. Today they like Virat Rohit. Someone else will take their place tomorrow. Be it cricket or any other field, one person cannot dominate people’s minds forever! Everyone has a season. During this period, he should take full advantage of whatever he gets… Let him enjoy to his heart’s content! Who can trust what will happen tomorrow! Life is also a kind of cricket. Sometimes you can score a century… a double century here…. sometimes you have to get out for zero.


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