Waves of revolution started from Chawdar Tank agitation says Milind Tipnis.


Gadchiroli Jan. 4 (District Correspondent) The waves of water of the Chawdar Tank that were formed during the agitation created a revolution and a new era of social change among the deprived classes. The orthodox people purified the water of this tank with the material that man cannot eat or drink that shows their mentality. In fact, the water became purer with the touch of Dr. Ambedkar to it.

This was stated by Mr. Milind Tipnis, grandson of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar’s trusted colleague and the chief leader of Mahad Mukti Sangram, Surbanana Tipnis while speaking at Samyak Buddha Vihara, Gokul Nagar. ‘Kranti Chawdar Talyachi’ was the topic of his lecture.

The programme was organized jointly by Bharatiya Bouddha Mahasabha, Samyak Samaj Samiti, Samyak Jeshtha Nagarik Sangha and Visakha Mahila Mandal.

Senior social activist Rohidas Raut presided over the program and Mr. Shriram Bansod, social worker from Nagpur, Dr. Maruti Raipure, Dharmaji Bambole, Prof. Gautam Dange, Mr. Kawduji Undirwade, President of Senior Citizens Associaion, Vilas Nimbhorkar were prominently present.

Mr. Tipnis further said that Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar raised many agitations for social equality. Non-violent agitations were organized for the untouchables to get temple entry and drinking water. On March 20, 1927, under the leadership of Dr. Ambedkar, the ‘Chavdar Tank Satyagraha’ was held at Mahad.  This struggle was meant for the social equality and removing the barriers of caste discrimination, he stated.

Mr. Bansod said that Babasaheb ‘s movements were aimed at self-respect of the Dalits and the Chawdar Tank movement was a milestone in his struggle. It is our duty to carry forward his movement with the same force in the present situation as the situation now is quite challenging.

In his presidential speech, Mr. Raut said Chavadar Tank Satyagraha was a non-violent movement that still gives us inspiration direction to live with dignity. Through this movement Babasaheb claimed the fundamental right of Dalits over their dignity and posed a great challenge before the orthodox society. The Satyagraha will thus be remembered for many generations.

At the outset portraits of Lord Buddha, Savitribai Phule. Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar were garlanded at the hands of the guests.  Mr. Tipnis and Mr. Bansod were felicitated on the occasion with shawls and bouquets.

Mr. Hansraj Undirwade, President of Samyak Samaj Samiti, Ms. Sumitra Raut, President of Visakha Mahila Mandal, Balkrishna Bambole, City President of Bouddha Mahasabha, Surekha Barsagade, social worker were also present on the occasion.

The program was moderated by Mr. Tularam Raut, District President of Bouddha Mahasabha.  Prof. Gautam Dange thanked the attendees. Moreshwar Ambade, Kalidas Raut, Lahu Ramteke, Anil Barsagade, Manisha Warke, Aruna Raut and others cooperated in making the program successful.


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