Students of Palasgaon ZP school felicitate their Principal.

yashwant jambhulkar
Mr. Yashwant Jambhulkar being felicitated by the students.

Gadchiroli Sept. 6 (District correspondent) In a rare show of gesture, the students of the Zilla Parishad Primary School, Palasgaon in Armori taluka felicitated their Principal one Yashwant Jambhulkar on the Teachers Day and displayed an ideal in the academic field.

The role of the teacher is very important in the shaping of the students. A teacher works to develop students, give them proper direction, imbibe values   and discipline. The relationship between teacher and student is that of a ‘Guru’ and disciple. In order to show respect and honour to the ‘Guru’ on Teacher’s Day, the children utilized their pocket money and gave a unique felicitation to the school principal Yashwant Jambhulkar with a shawl, coconut and gifts.

Mr. Jambhulkar, a duty bound and committed teacher was also overwhelmed by the surprise greetings given by the students and could not control his tears.

Principal Jambhulkar is working in Zilla Parishad Higher Primary School at Palasgaon since 2018. He conducted various educational and creative activities for the students in the school. During his tenure, Palasgaon Zilla Parishad School was nominated as a model school in the year 2022.23, it should be mentioned here.

Principal Jambhulkar is trying to improve the very look of the school. He helps poor and promising students with financial help, school uniform, notebooks, pens and other educational materials. He also helps the students in getting the scholarships who are unable to pay the examination fees due to their poor financial condition. Takes care of the student’s illness himself. Therefore, his relationship with the students has become affectionate and intimate and there has been a special bonding between him and the students.

Since 2018, Yashwant Jambhulkar has provided many physical facilities like innovative science school, digital class room, virtual room, computer lab, well-equipped library in the school. He has tried to improve the overall development and educational standard of the students by using all these things in teaching.

As the relationship between the student and the teacher is tied by the thread of affection, on Teacher’s Day the little students felicitated the teacher with the money they had saved for food for the last ten days. The love shown by the student towards the teacher overwhelmed both the teacher and the students.

Till date I have received many honours from the social organizations but the respect given to me by my students is the most important for me, he said while reacting to the initiative.

Photo Mr. Yashwant Jambhulkar being felicitated by the students.


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