SPARSH conducts public awareness on human trafficking.

human trafficking
A view of the street play

Gadchiroli Aug. 4 (District Correspondent) On the occasion of ‘World Human Trafficking Day’, Sparsh Sanstha organized a public awareness campaign at the through street play at the bus stand and Indira Square of the city the other day.

Anti-trafficking oath was also given to the people on this occasion about child trafficking and child labour to create awareness and to raise public opinion against these evil practices.

On this occasion, he expressed concern about the increasing incidents of child trafficking in the country

The founder of Sparsh Sanstha Dr. Dilip Barsagde, while speaking on the occasion said that preventing Child Abuse or Child Trafficking in various areas of the country is a big challenge. Due to efforts at government and semi-government level, people have started coming forward to complain about the cases of human trafficking, he noted.

According to National Crime Records Bureau 2021 statistics, 9 children go missing, while 8 are trafficked every day. The report said that 77,535 children went missing in the country in 2021.

The mindset of the people is changing due to the awareness campaign that we have started at the grassroots level and more people are reporting the cases, Barsagade added.

The Government and Law Enforcement Agencies have been working diligently to prevent child smuggling, but there is an urgent need for strict anti-trafficking laws to eradicate the crime completely, he stated.

Sparsh Sanstha’s Itihas Meshram, Lukesh Somankar, Vaibhav Sontakke, Sayli Meshram, Mahesh Rahangdale, Leena Balekramkar, Astha Barsagade, Ichhesh Gurnule, Diksha Telkapallivar, Payal Meshram, Avinash Raut, Praveen Tekam, Roshan Mongarkar and others worked tirelessly to make this campaign successful.

Photo A view of the street play


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