Snake science awareness programme organized by ANS.

snake science
Mr. Vilas Nimborkar speaking at the programme as others are sated.

Gadchiroli July 16 (District Correspondent) Snake science awareness program was conducted at Sanjeevani Primary and Secondary School of Navegaon near here the other day with the help of People for Environment and Animal Welfare Trust, Gadchiroli

Mr. Vilas Nimborkar, State Co-ordinator of Maha Annis presided while District Working President of Maha Anis Vitthalrao Kothare, Principal of Upper Primary School Naresh Chute and Principal of Secondary School Pradeep Bhaisare was present.  Sarpamitra Ajay Kukudkar, Pankaj Farkade, Maqsood Syed, Saurabh Satpute, Yogesh Hazare were present as the guides.

Mr. Ajay Kukdakar gave detailed guidance on the identification of snakes as well as their habitats and myths and misconceptions about snakes by explaining different species of snakes, their venomous, semi-venomous and non-venomous types through PPT. Pankaj Farkade and Maqsood Syed presented a demo on how to give first aid to an affected person after a snake bite before reaching the hospital.

Mr. Vilas Nimborkar, while giving the presidential speech, explained that we are definitely the enemy of the snake but the snake is a useful friend to our fellow farmers. Since rats are the snake’s prey, it tries to minimize crop damage from rats. If the snake disappears from the nature, it will be difficult for the farmers to bring the produce home from the field and it will be like bringing a new crisis, he said. Instead of killing the snake, if we know the habits of the snake and be a little careful, it is possible to save the lives of both humans and snakes, he added.

Mr. Vitthalrao Kothare gave information about the various activities of the Maharashtra Superstition Eradication Committee. Saving the environment is a very important activity and even without receiving any kind of financial help from the government, every year on the occasion of Nag Panchami, the work of creating awareness about snake science is done in schools all over Maharashtra, he told.

On this occasion, questions asked by many students were answered satisfactorily and their doubts were cleared. Mr. Pradeep Bhaisare conducted the programme and Naresh chute proposed the vote of thanks. The teachers and non-teaching staff of the school took pains for the success of the programme.

Photo Mr. Vilas Nimborkar speaking at the programme as others are sated.


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