Shahu Maharaj’s work is the foundation of Indian Constitution-Adv. Mohite.

shahu maharaj
Adv. Sambhaji Mohite speaking at the programme as other dignitaries are seated.

Gadchiroli March 8 (District Correspondent) After Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, the king of vision in modern India was his descendant Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj. In terms of social disparity, Shivaji Maharaj had to endure the humiliation from the orthodox. Shahu Maharaj also had to face the similar social ostracism.  However, in terms of education and development and other field like agriculture, cooperation, art, sports etc,  the decisions taken by Shahu Maharaj, keeping the Bahujan society in front of his eyes, are the foundation of the new Indian constitution. Not only this, the Shahu Maharaj’s thought process and policy of reservation is the foundation behind the reservation policy in the Constitution of India.

This was asserted by Adv. Sambhaji Mohite from Pune while speaking at Mahatma Gandhi Art Science College, Armori during the visit of Shahu Maharaj Smriti Shatabdi Samiti’s visit to the college the other day.

A program was organized jointly by Rajarshi Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj Smriti Shatabdi Samiti and Mahatma Gandhi College, Armori under the guidance of Principal Dr. Lal Singh Khalsa. Vice Principal of the college Dr. Chandrakant Dorlikar, President of Retired Ex-Servicemen’s Association Deepak Bhau Shirke, General Secretary Babasaheb Jadhav, Praveen Mete, Professor of Marathi Department Dr. Vijay Rewatkar were prominently present.

Speaking from the chair of the program, the vice principal of the college Dr. Chandrakant Dorlikar urged the students to read Shahu Maharaj’s biography saying that the people of Maharashtra will always be grateful for the decision and work done by Shahu Maharaj for the development of Bahujan education.

Mr. Babasaheb Jadhav also expressed his thoughts on this occasion. While showing the relationship between Babasaheb Ambedkar and Shahu Maharaj, he said that the both of them have worked for the development of the backward classes and the OBCs. They were the pioneers in the creation of new India, he added.

It was announced on the occasion that the Ex-Servicemen Association has jobs for the unemployed youths and the students were urged to stay in touch with the organization.

Dr. Vijay Raivatkar made an introductory speech and also proposed the vote of thanks. The program was attended by Prof. Dilip Ghonmode, Prof. Mohanlal Ramteke, Prof. Gajanan Borkar, Dr. Gajendra Kadhav, Dr. Chhagan Mungmode, Dr. Manoj Thaware, Prof. Vaibhav Padole, Prof. Dr. Seema Nagdeve, Dr. Vijay Gorde, Dr. Vasantha Kahalkar,  Dr. Nomesh Meshram, Prof. Sunanda Kumar, Prof. Kavita Khobragade and others. All the faculty members of the college, non-teaching staff and students of all branches of the college attended the programme.



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