Semi English medium started at Yedanur Ashram School.

ashram school
Dr. Sachin Madavi seen with the students.

Gadchiroli Aug. 31 (District Correspondent) Assistant Commissioner Dr. Sachin Madavi visited the Semi English Ashram School of village Yedanur recently and inspected the various activities being carried out in the school. Educational material and tabs were distributed to the students by him on the occasion. Many social welfare schemes are implemented on behalf of Bahujan Welfare Department in the school.

The school was inaugurated at the hands of Sarpanch Rajnitai Usendi and Principal B. D. very recently. Based on the concept of Dr. Sachin Madavi, semi-English medium is being started for Ashram school students in the district and tab is being distributed to the students.

With this facility, the students of Ashram School will get high quality education and they will be able to raise their educational standard through Semi English education.

Rahul Govindwar, Social Welfare Inspector, Sachin Mandre, B. D. Chavan and teachers and non-teaching staff and students were present.

Dr. Sachin Madavi while interacting with the teachers and students said that English is the language of science. Poor children studying in schools in rural and remote areas cannot afford English Convent education as they cannot afford it. For that, the dropout rate of students in the ashram school should be reduced and the taste of education should be created among the students, so that the students can learn the things they like. Efforts should be made not only to impart high quality education to the students but also to get better quality than convent schools, he said.

He expressed his intention to transform the ashram schools of the district by implementing semi-English medium concept in schools. Through this concept, the students of the ashram school will certainly rise high in the field of education, he hoped.

The program was introduced by Mr. Maroti Dudhabavare and moderated by S.V. Bhoyar and vote of thanks was proposed by N.S. Pithale. All of them decided to work together for a brighter future of the underprivileged children.


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