Sand worth crores of rupees smuggled by contractors, allege land owners.

sand smuggling
A huge stock of sand excavated by the contractors seen in the picture.

Gadchiroli nov. 9 (District Correspondent) Complaining that more than 8,000 brasses of precious sand amounting to the tune of over Rs. 4 crores was smuggled by the contractors from the private land in a broad day light, the land owners Pradeep Bhaisare and Manohar Meshram from village Ambeshioni near here have demanded stringent action against the said contractors.

Addressing the press conference at the Press club here this afternoon, Mr. Bhaisare told that he has an ancestral agricultural land bearing survey number 398 at village Ambeshioni. The land of Manohar Meshram is adjacent to him having survey number 414 (B). The contractors namely Pavan Suchak, Piyush Tripathi, both the residents of Gadchiroli along with others however smuggled the sand from our land, measuring 95 meters long, 86 meters wide and 3 meters deep that counts to around 8,769 brasses by engaging large number of vehicles.

We asked the said contractors to stop the excavation and transportation of the land saying that the land belongs to us but they did not listen to us saying that they have already got the permit of sand excavation. We then got the said land measured by the Land Records department in presence of the police and other government officials and nearby farmers. After the measurement, the said land was found to be ours which has been duly demarcated by the government authorities. But by that time the contractors had already taken away the sand, told Bhaisare further. The land with survey number 401 from which the contractors claim to have obtained permission for the sand excavation is far away from our lands, he told.

We have complained the matter to the Revenue, Mining authorities and the police department also in this regard but no any action has been taken against the contractors as yet, Bhaisare alleged asking why the action is being delayed.

Mr. Bhaisare and Meshram have demanded stern action against the contractors involved in the sand smuggling.

When asked about this, Tehsildar of Gadchiroli Mahendra Ganwir told that the matter will be enquired and suitable action will be taken if the land is found to be belonging to the complainants.



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