Rivers are integral part of life cycle says Dr. Rajendra Singh.

rajendra singh
Dr. Rajendra Singh speaking at the programme as Mr. Ashok Nete and others are seated.

Gadchiroli June 22 (District Correspondent) ‘Considering the water requirement, and current status of available water, it is not possible for everyone to buy water. Apart from humans, animals, birds as well as forests and land also require water. In such a situation there is no option but to save the rivers. Rivers are an integral part of our life cycle.’

This was stated by Dr.Rajendra Singh while addressing the concluding programme of Nadi Samvad Yatra here the other day.

Padmashri Parashuram Khune, MP Ashok Nete, MLA Krishna Gajbe, Chief Conservator of Forests Dr. Kishore Mankar, Dy. Forest Conservator Milish Sharma, District Superintendent Agriculture Officer Basavaraj Mastoli, Executive Engineer Irrigation Rahul Morghade, Dr. Suman Pandey, Pravin Mahajan, Narendra Chugh, Ramakant Kulkarni were prominently present.

Rajendra Singh further said, while knowing the river, efforts should be made  to prevent encroachment and pollution. We also have to study the solutions. Government and administration and citizens should work together for this, he adviced.

Maharashtra is the only state that has given ‘Chala Jaanuya Nadi’ programme a priority with the participation of public in this initiative, he noted. A good plan is initiated by a government decision. While implementing this initiative, we have to bring out the truth and take necessary measures to improve the condition of rivers, he said. He also called upon the people to make our rivers channels of nectar in real sense.

MP Ashok Nete mentioned that ‘Chala Jaanuya Nadila’ programme is a good initiative and maximum people should participate in it. He opined that the study of rivers is important to prevent pollution, to maintain the balance of nature.

Padmashri Parashuram Khune appealed to continue the dialogue with the villagers about the rivers and convince them of the importance of water.

President of the program Dr. Kishor Mankar informed the audience about the work of Jalpurush Rajendra Singh. He also alled for cooperation in the task and to prevent pollution. MLA Krishnaji Gajbe said study of rivers, biodiversity is necessary for the environmental balance.


Mr. Manohar Hepat, Mr. Prakash Arjunwar, Keshav Gurunule, Dr. Satish Gogulwar were honoured for their work of public awareness. Dongargaon,  Nawargaon, Jepra, Dudhmala, Shiwni, Jambhli villages were also honoured for their active participation in the programme. The winners of drawing contest were given prizes on the occasion.

Mr. Milish Sharma introduced the program and Rahul Morghade proposed the vote of thanks.

Photo Dr. Rajendra Singh speaking at the programme as Mr. Ashok Nete and others are seated.





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