Programme on ‘Mental Health’ organized at General Hospital.


Gadchiroli Oct. 12 (District Correspondent) World Mental Health Day and Week was organized by the Department of Psychiatry, General Hospital Gadchiroli recently in the hospital.This year’s slogan of the World Health Organization is “Mental health and well-being for all- priority not yours and ours, but everyone’s”.

The programme was organized under the guidance of Civil Surgeon Dr. Anil Rudhe and Additional CS Dr. Satishkumar Solanki. Dr. Indrajit Nagdevate, presided over the programme while Dr. Sachin Hemke, Dr. Manish Meshram, Ms. Anju Kheole, Shamini Dhatrak were prominently present.

Dr. Sachin Hemke guided the attendees regarding mental illness and Dr. Manish Meshram guided regarding services to patients in relation to mental illness and the Mental Act 2017.

In the presidential speech, Dr. Indrajit Nagdevate guided on the stress among the students, employees and farmers and how to overcome them. The students of Phule Ambedkar College of social work presented a street play on mental health awareness.

The program was moderated by Ajay Khairkar, Clinical Psychologist.  Rajesh Nagpure proposed the vote of thanks. Kiran Raghuvanshi, Priyanka Pimple, Kishore Modak, Balasaheb Chavan, Turab Sheikh, Satish Yerekar and the hospital staff took pains to make this program a success.




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