Police recruitment in Gadchiroli goes on with modern technology.


Gadchiroli Jan. 7 (District Correspondent) The Gadchiroli Police has been using modern technology for the recruitment of police constables and drivers that has been going on on the huge police grounds here under the supervision of SP Nilotpal for the past few days.

Gadchiroli is the first and the only district in the state to use this technology for the recruitment purpose, told Mr. Nilotpal while talking to the press reporters this morning on the police grounds. The use of technology will help a lot in accuracy of the measurement and there will be no place for any sort of manipulation or allegation, he said. Moreover, manpower required for the entire process is also nearly 50 percent and the process is quite speedier as compared to manual process, he added.

The technology has been hired by the Andhra Pradesh organization. The automated and digital machines have been installed at the place of the recruitment for measuring the height, chest, running, shot put throw etc of the candidates. Every machine has been attached to the computer where all the measurement is stored automatically.

The machines are so technically produced that their measurement is quite accurate. One can not manipulate the machines. Even the running also is measured by these machines. Chip badges have been tied to the legs of the candidates and as soon as they touch the mats laid on the ground there is beep sound and measurement is counted and instantly fed in the computer, told Mr. Nilotpal.

The technology has made the process much easier and time saving. Earlier much time and manpower was required for each measurement which was troublesome for both the candidates and the police machinery also, the SP told.

As many as 25,000 candidates including some women have applied for both the posts of police constables and drivers. The process will continue till Jan. 17 next. The candidates outside the district are not allowed for this recruitment. Only the candidates from the Gadchiroli district are allowed to participate in the recruitment. The tribal candidates have been given a relaxation of just VII the standard pass for this recruitment as per government orders, told Mr. Nilotpal further.

Elaborate arrangements have been made for this massive exercise with the deployment of several police officers and employees across the district. Beginning from the entry of the candidates into the police grounds till the end of the process, officials have been allotted their tasks. The process starts from 4.30 in the morning and by 2 pm the process of the day is completed due to use of technology, informed the officer. The SP is personally monitoring the process and the Additional SPs, SDPOs are assisting him in the task. A special clinic has also been set up at the spot with a qualified doctor to provide the medical help if required. There has been no any major accident so far except couple of cases of fainting during the process of recruitment.

This is for the first time that the modern technology is being used for the police recruitment which will make the entire process transparent, hoped Mr. Nilotpal. Mr. Anuj Tare, Kumar Chinta, Additional SPs, Pranil Gilda, Swapnil Jadhao, SDPOs were also present during the press meet.


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