Platinum Jubilee students present model United Nations.


Gadchiroli Jan. 19 (District Correspondent) Platinum Jubilee School and Junior College had organized a unique initiative of the replica of the United Nations in the District Planning Committee Hall here the other day.

In the said program, two topics namely ‘Climate Change’ and ‘Hunger Crisis and Water Scarcity’ were discussed. The students of the school Arya Punyapawar, Soham Batwe, Suhani Rathod – Tanmay Narote, Ashlesh Khandare – Prachi Bhandekar, Amey Joshi, Rihan Charania, Deepak Partani,  Rudransh Chavan, Samriddhi Surjagade – Poorva Gondane, Kaveri Pyaramwar, Pushkar Chaudhary, Noble Bhomale, Sumit Hulke, Aditi Hemke,  Shaurya Bamanwar, Neil Hemke, Atharva Gedam, Mayank Paratani, Anjaney Dange, Riddhima Kshirsagar,  Unnati Burande, Sarthak Mahajan, Sarvesh Muppidwar, Arya Shidam,  Smiley Raipure, Shreyash Samreet participated in the discussion on these topics in this model meet.

Under the theme ‘Climate Change’ the students represented the countries Japan, Philippines, Germany, Madagascar, India, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Pakistan, Rwanda, Fiji, Canada and Myanmar and discussed regarding the measures countries are taking to mitigate the adverse effects of ‘Climate Change’. The students represented their respective countries very effectively during the question-and-answer hour.

Also, Afghanistan, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Somalia, Nigeria, Yemen, Ukraine, Pakistan, Kenya, Lebanon and India were represented to discuss the topics of ‘Hunger Crisis and Water Scarcity’.

The issues like what steps have been taken regarding ‘Hunger Crisis and Water Scarcity’ in our country, how much funds have been allocated for it were discussed and the students expressed their opinion strongly.

Model United Nations was inaugurated by Mr. Sanjay Chadha and Educational Advisor of Platinum Jubilee School Ms. Basholi Chadha. On this occasion, the newly appointed educational head of the school Major Soheb

was especially present.

Despite being the day of Sankranti, the program was attended by students and parents in large numbers. The parents expressed the opinion that such innovative activities should continue in the school.

Concept of Model United Nations was initiated by General Secretary of Platinum Jubilee Education Society Gadchiroli Aziz Nathani. Mr. Nikeshan Deormale, Head of Department of Social Sciences managed the program very efficiently. Principal Mr. Rahim Amlani guided the students from time to time and raised the morale of the students. The initiative is appreciated in the academic circles here.

Photo One of the students speaking at the model United Nations session.





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