Platinum Jubilee holds Soniya Relia’s interactive session on NEP.

soniya relia
soniya relia

Gadchiroli April 6 (District correspondent) The Platinum Jubilee School and Junior College here had organized an interaction session of Ms. Sonia Relia, a well-known writer of India for the parents of the city at Sanskriti Hall here.

Sonia Relia is a well-known author and also a renowned TED X speaker in India. she has organized more than 500 webinars and workshops and provided educational facilities to more than teachers and parents.

Around 600 parents from different schools of Gadchiroli city attended this session which was presided over by Mr. Azizbhai  Nathani, Secretary of Platinum Jubilee Education Society.

Ms. Relia discussed various aspects of the National Education Policy 2020. When the schools in cosmopolitan and metropolitan cities have not organized such a session the schools in cities like Gadchiroli went ahead to implement this policy is a great thing, said Ms. Relia and praised Platinum Jubilee School for organizing it.

New National Education Policy 2020 has been divided into four stages-Foundation Stage, Preparatory Stage, Pre-Secondary Stage, Middle Stage and Secondary Stage, she reiterated.

As more than 85% of the brain develops by the age of 7, the first stage is quite essential, Relia said by showing creative activity to the paren. Through this activity we can learn socio-emotional and moral, physical, cultural development, she said.

Saying that the teachers should choose the activities that will develop the students in various ways, Sonia Relia appealed to the parents that they should also do such small activities at home for the progress of the students. Rather than doing a lot of writing we should pay attention to how much the students read, what activities they do, what they learned from it and so on, she advised.

Set the bedtimes and wake up times for your children, always give them small instructions. Read something to them every day, read at least one book to them. Make it a habit to observe and control them while giving them a mobile phone.

One should maintain friendly relations with the students. She also discussed such simple but very important matters with the parents. Principal of Platinum Jubilee School and Junior College Mr. Rahim Amlani thanked the parents.

This program received valuable support from the entire teaching staff and non-punitive staff.


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