Pillars of Medigatta bridge collapsed, road traffic suspended.

medigatta dam
A bridge on Medigatta Dam is seen in the picture.

Gadchiroli Oct. 22 (District Correspondent) The foundation of the much talked about Medigatta Dam in sironcha taluka on the borders of Maharashtra and Telangana has collapsed thereby causing a flood situation in the area and affecting the road traffic between Maharashtra and Telangana. The people in Sironcha taluka have been alerted due to the sudden incident.

The Medigadda dam was constructed by the Telangana government in Sironcha on the Maharashtra border amidst much controversy and strong opposition of the people of the Gadchiroli district. This dam has been creating the flood situation since its construction, sometimes due to its backwater and sometimes due to release of access water during the rainy season. Thousands of farmers have so far been suffered from the loss of their crops, cattle and property for the past some years since the construction of this dam.

On Saturday evening as many as three pillars of the bridge-pillar number 21,22 and 23 of this dam collapsed suddenly and the water started flooding in in the area. Due to this incident, the release of water from the dam has been increased and there is a risk of flooding in the nearby areas. The farmers of nearly 20 villages in the vicinity in Sironcha taluka are likely to be affected.

As soon as the information of the bridge damage was received, road traffic on the bridge from both the sides of the route has also been closed since yesterday night to avert any untoward incident by giving warning through sirens. After that some gates of the dam had to be opened and the water was released. Expert engineers and senior officials of irrigation department are camping at the site and repair work and they are assessing the situation.

No any human loss has yet been reported. However, electric pumps, pipes, wires for irrigation along the river were washed away in the flood waters. Chilli and cotton producers in the area have also suffered losses because of the calamity.

After it was noticed that part of the bridge also collapsed at night, the traffic was stopped immediately. Repair work is going on there by the Irrigation Department. The senior engineers of the Telangana government have already reached the site and are supervising the situation, told Mr. Jitendra Shiktode, Tehsildar of Sironcha. Citizens have been urged to be vigilant. Proper precautions are being taken and safety of citizens is being given priority, he added.



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