No brewing and consumption of liquor in a village for 2 years.

Residents of Bhapda with Muktipath workers

Gadchiroli Feb. 4 (District Correspondent) Bhapda village situated in a remote area of ​​Etapalli taluka has taken a unanimous decision to ban the distillation and sale of homemade liquor for the last two years. Alcohol has not been sold in this village for almost two years now. This is the success of Muktipath Village Association members and Gram Panchayat Samiti of the village.

Bhapda village under Sohgaon Gram Panchayat in Etapalli taluka is situated at a distance of 66 km from the taluka headquarter. The occupation of the citizens of the village is mainly agriculture and livestock, goat rearing, chicken rearing, fishing. It has been a long-standing tradition of the villagers to drink the liquor of the Mahua Flowers available at home during tribal festivals such as weddings, Pola, Pandum etc. Under Muktipath Abhiyan, Muktipath Village Association was established in the village and meetings were started to stop the sale of illegal liquor.

In village meetings such as gram sabha and polo (local ritual), the youth of the village used to drink alcohol and the young boys started drinking alcohol. Meanwhile, Village Patil, President of MuktipathVillage Sanghatan, held a meeting in the village. Members of Muktipath Village Association, Bhumiya, SHG Women, Youth Association members participated in the meeting. A discussion started on selling and drinking alcohol in the village.

The youth and some citizens of the village said, ‘Alcohol is our tradition. We need alcohol for worship. “We will drink alcohol and drink” came the chorus. The distinguished citizens of the village however said that how long will we live drinking alcohol. Due to drinking this alcohol, the youth of the village fail to get jobs. Due to fights and beatings in the village, the village becomes infamous. They expressed the opinion that they would consider marrying girls to the youth of this village.

Next, when the Village Patil asked the villagers whether to sell liquor in the village or not? When the matter was discussed, it was unanimously agreed that alcohol should be stopped in the village. Even though the village has some festivals, Polo, Pandum, there should be no drinking in the village. It was decided that a fine of 10,000 rupees will be levied if someone found drinking alcohol at home in the village.

Now in Bhapda village, the home brewing and selling of alcohol has been completely stopped for the last over two years. It is the success of village organization members and village panchayat.

Photo The residents of Bhapda village seen with Muktipath workers.


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