Muslim brothers postpone Eid procession to enable Ganesh immersion peacefully.

The office bearers of the Masjid Trust seen with the Wadsa PSO.

Gadchiroli Sept. 15 (District correspondent) In a rare show of social harmony and Hindu Muslim unity, the Muslim community members from Wadsa Desaiganj have taken a commendable decision of postponing their festival of Eid e Milad by one day and celebrate it on the next day to ensure the peaceful and uninterrupted celebration of Ganesh festival in the city.

Both the festivals-Ganesh immersion (Anant Chaturthi) and the birth anniversary of Prophet Mohammad which is known as Eid e Milad are celebrated with a great enthusiasm every year by the members of the respective communities. As both these important festivals fall on the same day on Sept. 28 this year, a meeting of the Masjid Trust office bearers was called by the Wadsa Police station Incharhge Kiran Raskar recently to ensure that both the festivals should be celebrated peacefully. The issue was discussed in detail in this meeting.

The police officials put forward a proposal in the meeting that both the important festivals of the Ganesh Chaturthi and Eid e Milad fall on the same day and it would be helpful in maintaining the social harmony and creating the feeling of Hindu Muslim unity if the Muslim brothers take out their procession of the Eid on the next day-Sept. 29.

The Muslim brothers accepted this proposal with a large mind and gave their consent to celebrate the Eid on Sept. 29 thereby resolving the issue amicably. This is the first time in the history of Wadsa Desaiganj that such a decision was taken that will be remembered for the years to come and will promote the social harmony and Hindu Muslim unity. The Hindu community members have appreciated the Muslim brother’s decision and welcomed it.

Masjid Trust office bearers Mohd. Arif Patel, Sikandar Khan Mohammad Khan, Akbar Quadar Haji Ahmad Qureshi, Rajjak Khan Hussaini, Sayyad Abid Ali, Abdul Rajjak, Mohd. Amin Yasim, Miraj Rizwan Baig, Sadiq Sheikh, Sayyad Islamuddin, Mohd. Sajid Khorajiya, Shakil Sheikh, Shakir Sheikh, Tawangar Quershi were present in the meeting.

Police Station Incharge Rasekar presented bouquet to the Masjid Trust office bearers and welcomed the decision. The decision of the muslim brothers is being appreciated everywhere.

Photo The office bearers of the Masjid Trust seen with the Wadsa PSO.


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