Activists strongly oppose privatization of govt. schools.

movement for justice
Mr. rohidas Raut addressing the meeting as Dr. Mahesh Kopulwar, Ramdas Jarate and others are seated.

Gadchiroli Sept. 15 (City Reporter) The citizens of Gadchiroli district across the cross section of society, have shown strong opposition to the decision of the state government to transfer all government schools to the corporate houses and the corruption in the recruitment being done by the state government.

A joint meeting of the representatives of various social organizations, teachers’ organizations and political parties that was held on Thursday expressed strong anger against these anti-people policies of the government.

The transfer of government schools in the state to the corporate houses is a deliberate and evil ploy of the rulers to deprive poor, farmers, labourers, Bahujan students of the state from education and is a violation of the fundamental rights given by the constitution to provide free and compulsory education to children up to the age of fourteen, said the activists while expressing their views in the meeting.

Also, due to the corruption and irregularities in the recruitment in the state, due to the huge examination fees, the unemployed youths have been suffering lot of financial difficulties. The students of the district have to go to long places out of the district for the examination of the recruitment which is not at all affordable to them and their parents. This is a great injustice on the youths, it was alleged. All the workers expressed their feelings that this matter should be opposed in a big way by launching an intensive agitation.

Mr.  Rohidas Raut of the movement for justice, Dr. Mahesh Kopulwar of the CPI, Ramdas Jarate of PWP, Devrao Chawde, Adv. Jagdish Meshram of CPI, Vilas Nimbhorkar of Anis, Prin. Prakash Dudhe Hansraj Undirwade, of Republican Party, Sanjay Koche of NCP, Pritesh Ambade of BRSP, Vinod Madavi of Tribal Development Council, Kunal Kowe, Badal Madavi of Adiwasi yuwa Parishad, Prashant Madavi of Gondwana Party,  Gulabrao Madavi, former councilor, Rahul Bankar, Sudhir Walde, Parameshwara Gawde, Lahu Ramteke, Prateek Dange, Sudha Chaudhary, Umesh Gawle and other workers were present.

The meeting was introduced by Raj Bansod and vote of thanks was given by Vinod Madavi. A large number of activists attended the meeting.

Photo The workers attending the all party meeting.


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