Mahatma Phuley was a mass teacher- Nagesh Chaudhari.


Gadchiroli Nov. 28 (District Correspondent) ‘Mahatma Jyotiba Phuley was a mass teacher. He was a teacher of equality and fought against inequality prevailing in the society. It is unfortunate that his thoughts are not taught in the schools and colleges. The present-day teachers should teach the philosophy of the values for which Mahatma Phuley struggled’.

This was stated by Mr. Nagesh Chaudhari, well known thinker and social worker while speaking at the death anniversary of Mahatma Phuley organized by Mali Samaj Sangathana as a ‘Teachers Day’ at Phuley Pratishthan here this afternoon.

Dr. Dashrath Ade, presided over the programme while Prof. Jawed Pasha, noted speaker, Adv. Dilip Kotrange, President of Mali Samaj Sewa Sangha, Ms. Pushpa Chaudhari, Fulchand Gurnule were prominently present as the chief guests.

Mr. Chaudhari further said Mahatma Phuley was the first revolutionary after Lord Buddha who raised his voice against the supremacy of caste. He believed that there is no any high or low caste, no any individual or caste is superior than another. This ideology needs to be carried forward by all the people for the creation of the great nation.

Mahatma Phuley termed the caste as anti-national. Caste and religion can’t be based on the pattern of profession people practice for their livelihood. Caste system needs to be uprooted. It is very unfortunate that there is no influence of the philosophy of great social reformers on the present social and political system though we revere them as our leaders and praise their work, lamented Mr. Chaudhari.

Mr. Jawed Pasha said the greatness of Mahatma Phuley can be understood from the fact that a world-renowned personality like Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar treated him as his Guru. Fuley fought very bravely against the discrimination on social and religious lines. He was the first leader who advocated the universalization of education. He brought forward the real history of Shivaji Maharaj.

Mahtma Phuley always stressed for the human values and not the caste of a man. He wanted to create a casteless society. He wanted that there should not be monopoly of any particular caste or religion over the country. His revolutionary thoughts are still impor      tant for the society, Pasha stated.

Dr. Ade in his presidential speech said the progress of the Bahujans can be achieved only by the progressive thoughts of Mahatma Phuley and Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar. Efforts are being made to snatch away education from the Bahujans and everybody needs to remain cautious about this and fight for their rights. Bahujan community should unite on the ideas of the social reformers like Mahatma Phuley and continue their struggle, he appealed.

Mr. Nagesh Chaudhari and Ms. Pushpa Chaudhari were felicitated for their contribution in social work by presenting them shawl, memento and bouquets at the hands of the guests. Mr. Bhimraj Patrikar made an introductory speech, Mr. Girish Lengure conducted the programme and Kisan Sonule proposed the vote of thanks.

A large number of community members and citizens attended the programme.

Photo -Mr. Nagesh chaudhari speaking at the programme as Prof. Jawed Pasha and others are seated.


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