Left parties oppose Center’s new forest rules, demand revocation.


Gadchiroli Aug. 27 (District Correspondent) Alleging that Forest Conservation Rule 2022 has been passed by the central government without giving any ooportunity to the people of the country to have their say which are unjust for the traditional forest dwellers, the left parties in the district have demanded early revocation of these Rules. The new rule has deprived the forest dwellers from their constitutional rights, it has also been alleged.

In a joint statement issued here Dr. Mahesh Kopulwar, Sate Council member of CPI, Ramdas Jarate, District Secretary of Shetkari Kamgar Paksha and Amol Marakwar, District Secretary of CPM have said that the district of Gadchiroli is going to affect the most due to these new Rule as the 24 mining projects which are presently stalled due to people’s opposition will be started and more han one lak acres forest land will be perished. There is also likelihood of starting new mining projects with the changed rules.

The central government’s forest ministry has made the task of handing over forest land for the non forest activities more easy and thereby destroying the valuable forest with these rules. To undo the historical injustice done by the Britishers on the forest dwellers, Forest Rights Act was enacted by the central government in 2006. It was mandatory in this Act to seek Gram Sabha’s permission before any consent to the forest project is granted. However this condition has been waived by the new rule, it has been pointed out by the leaders in the statement.

The central government has made the way of grabbing the forest open for the big corporate houses, the leaders have further alleged and have called upon the people to come together and fight against this unjust rule. They have also appealed the Gram Sabhas to pass the resolutions against this rule and foil the conspiracy of the central government to destroy the valuable forest.



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