Govt. throwing democracy, constitution into dustbin, alleges Dr. Namdeo Kirsan.

dr. namdeo kirsan
Dr. Namdeo kirsan leading the jansanwad padyatra.

Gadchiroli Sept. 14 (District Correspondent) ‘The central government at the Centre led by Prime minister Narendra Modi, which came into power by giving false assurances to the people, has been throwing all the democratic norms and the constitution into dustbin. The political, social, economic and cultural atmosphere in the country has been totally deteriorated’.

This was opined by Dr. Namdeo kirsan, General Secretary of Maharashtra Pradesh Congress committee and Observer of Gadchiroli district while talking to D voice on the eve of Jansanvad Padyatra here the other day.

India’s image of ‘unity in diversity’ has badly affected since this govt. came into power. Hindu-Muslim riots are taking place. Opposition leaders are being targeted considering them as enemies by misusing the govt. agencies like ED, CBI, IT etc. The country is surrounded by numerous burning issues. The Manipur violence has lowered the dignity of India, Dr. Kirsan pointed out.

When Manipur was burning for three months, the Prime minister was touring the foreign countries. After that there was a violence in Haryana also but the govt. kept mum. Such a insensitive government has not been seen so far, he stated.

The ED government of Maharashtra which came into existence dishonestly also is not serious about the people’s problems. The issues of farmers, labourers, youths, women have remained unsolved and law and order situation has also deteriorated, pointed out Dr. Kirsan. BJP is busy in just breaking the parties. It seems there is no government at all in the state, it is seen only in the advertisements, he alleged.

As many as 16 people died in the stampede occurred at Maharasjhtra Bhushan award few months back, but no offence has been registered against the concerned, he reminded. Sambhaji Bhide is moving freely and polluting social atmosphere of the state by speaking against social reformers, constitution and national flag, but the govt. is calm. On the contrary he is being honoured by calling him ‘Guruji’, asserted Dr. Kirsan further.

The farmers are facing the severe problems. In the name of aid, govt. has played a cruel game with them. Caught in trouble, farmers are committing suicides and the number of such suicides has increased by four times in the last one year, pointed out Dr. Kirsan. Unemployed youths in search of jobs are being exploited by looting money from them in the name of recruitment, he added.

Dr. Kirsan listed out some major problems such as alarmingly risen prices of domestic gas, fuel, essential commodities, Rs. 1000 exam fees for the recruitment, unjust farm laws, load shedding, rising prices of insecticides and fertilizers, selling out government companies to private corporates, waiving off the loans of big industrialists, non-starting of Konsari Project, not conducting caste wise census of OBCs, insult of national heroes by BJP leaders, growing atrocities on women, scam in demonetization, Rafale air crafts, cleansing of corrupt leaders

To understand these problems and have direct dialogue with them, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi took up 3,570 kilometer long ‘Bharat Jodo Yatra’ (foot march) from Kanyakumari to Kashmir and on the same lines Maharashtra
congress also is taking up the padyatra which is evoking tremendous response from the party workers and the general public too, Dr. Kirsan told.



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