Gadchirolian suffering from stary animals, damaged roads.

stray animals
The herd of stray animals standing on the busy Chamorshi Road near Chandekar Bhavan.

Gadchiroli Sept. 14 (District Correspondent) Walking and driving on the city roads has become quite difficult and risky nowadays because the stray animals have occupied these roads all the roads. Wherever you go, you have to encounter this animal menace and the herd of cows, bullocks, buffaloes welcoming you sitting or standing in the middle of roads.

Because of this scene, traffic is badly halted and one gets it quite difficult to go ahead passing through the roads. The condition on the main city roads become more troublesome with heavy traffic. The travellers, beginning from the two wheelers to the four wheelers have to make diversions from the whatever space they can find at edges of the roads to pass forward.

The slippery roads due to rains adds to the misery and trouble of the people. A possibility of accidents always hangs on their necks but they have to complete their travel somehow or the other. This is the scenario all-over the city. Both the interior roads and the highways have now become the victims of the problem.

Despite several requests, the municipal council administration is not seen making any efforts to resolve the issue. The animals straying on the roads need to be driven away and put into the Kanji House (custody of animals) that will not only solve the problem but will also provide some revenue to the local body. But that is not happening. Even the court has given the directives to the administration to look after the menace and give relief to the people. However, these directives also have been ignored by the civic body.

UNEVEN ROADS—Uneven and narrow roads also have become another problem for the residents. While constructing the new roads, the gap between the new and the old roads has not been levelled thereby leaving such roads uneven which makes it very difficult to drive the vehicles. The handicapped people have to suffer a lot due to this problem and some of them also met the chief Officer of the Municipal Council and urged him to repairs such portions of the roads.

The narrow roads all through the city is also a pressing problem that needs to be looked into quickly. When the new cement roads were constructed, both the sides of the roads were left empty for the paver’s blocks. However, even after two three years of the construction, no pavers blocks have been fitted and the roads have naturally remained narrow which makes it quite difficult for the commuters to drive their vehicles. It becomes impossible to pass the vehicle at once on these roads and one has to wait at another side until the next one passes through.

Similarly, many roads have remained unrepaired for the last many years, though their condition has become very pathetic to walk and rive on them. Despite several requests and representations, these roads have not been repaired as yet and the citizens continue to suffer. When will the municipal council look into these serious problems is the question being asked here.

Photo The herd of stray animals standing on the busy Chamorshi Road near Chandekar Bhavan.


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