Govt. suppressed Rahul Gandhi’ voice because he raised Adani scam-Prof. Purke.

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Prof. Vasant Purke addressing the press conference as Marotrao Kowase, Dr. Namdeo Kirsan, Mahendra Bramhanwade and others are seated.

Gadchiroli April 1 (District Correspondent) Congress Party will continue to raise its voice to press the demand of enquiry by the joint parliamentary committee into the transfer of Rs. 20,000 crores in the shell company of Adani and will knock the doors of the public court through various movements, told Prof. Vasant Purke, former Minister for Education and senior Congress leader in a press conference at the Press Club here this afternoon.

It is very unfortunate that the voice of congress leader Rahul Gandhi was being suppressed in the parliament. His speeches were expunged. He was not allowed to speak in the House and finally he was disqualified from the Lok Sabha only because the government did not want the secret behind Adani issue to be exposed, Purke said.

The systematic efforts are being made to destroy democracy by suppressing the voice of opponents by using govt. agencies since the government came to [power in 2014, Purke alleged. Indian democracy is known as the best one in the entire world but this system is being destroyed by the present rulers, he said. Modi government is making all possible efforts and using its power to save Adani, he alleged.

Just after 9 days of asking the question on Adani scam by Rahul Gandhi, the case against him was brought forward and he was sentenced to 2 years imprisonment. Not only this, within 24 hours of the judgement, his membership was disqualified and now his official residence is being vacated. This is all undemocratic, Purke said. The countrymen want to know as to whose money was invested in Adani’s shell companies

The BJP is making false propaganda Rahul Gandhi’s remarks on Modis during the election meeting and linking it to OBCs just to divert the attention of the comman people from Adani issue. By doing so it is insulting the OBCs in the country, he said. Even after the period of appeal on Rahul Gandhi’s conviction was yet to over, the decision of disqualifying him was taken in a haste which is purely undemocratic, Purke pointed out.

Mr. Purke asked what happened to the promises like giving Rs. 15 lakhs to every Indian, 2 crores of employment every year, electricity, houses, drinking water by the year 2022 made by the ruling leaders. Govt, has done nothing. On the contrary loan worth Rs. 12.60 lakh crores were written off, the government owes a loan of Rs. 144 lakh crores, the Public Enterprises are being sold out to private corporates to benefit the particular individuals, Purke pointed out.

Congress workers will take all these issues to the general public and will tell them the truth. The bharat jodo yatra evoked tremendous response from the people all over the country and similar yatras will be taken out in the coming days too, he told.

Rahul Gandhi took up a 4,000 kilometres yatra to connect the people and how can he insult the citizens of a particular community, Purke asked. Congress Party has never been scared of the oppressive regime and it is not scared of the present government also. It will continue its agitation, he stated.

Also present at the press conference were Mr. Marotrao Kowase, former MP, Dr. Namdeo Kirsan, General Secretary of MPCC, Mahendra Bramhanwade, DCC chief, Manohar Poretti, former ZP vice President, Vishwajeet Kowase, General Secretary of Youth Congress, Dr. Nitin Kodwate, Ms. Chanda Kodwate of Mahila Congress, Satish Vidhate, city congress chief, Kusum Alam, Laurence Gedam, Rajnikant Motghare, Sunil Chadgulwar, Adv. Kavita Mohorkar, Kunal Pendorkar, Gulab Madavi and many other Congress office bearers.

Photo Prof. Vasant Purke addressing the press conference as Marotrao Kowase, Dr. Namdeo Kirsan, Mahendra Bramhanwade and others are seated.


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