Gondwana University can become unique in the state says Dr. Nimbalkar.


Gadchiroli Oct. 2 (District Correspondent) ‘Gondwana University area has a treasure of forest property and resources. If these resources are exploited and students are given education based on this treasure, this University can become the unique university in the state’.

This was stated by Dr. Sharad Nimbalkar, former Vice Chancellor of the Punjabrao Deshmukh Krishi Vidyapeeth while speaking at the anniversary programme of the Gondwana University here this afternoon.

Vice Chancellor of the University Dr. Prashant Bokare, presided over the programme while Gadchiroli -Chimur Lok Sabha MP Ashok Nete, Gadchiroli MLA Dr. Deorao holi, Pro VC Dr. Shriram Kawle and Registrar Dr. Anil Hirekhan were prominently seated on the dais.

Noted social worker Mohan Hirabai Hiralal was honoured with University’s ‘Jeevan Sadhna’ award on the occasion by presenting him a memento, shawl and bouquet at the hands of the dignitaries for his outstanding services to the society.

Stressing the value of education in human life, Dr. Nimbalkar further said Education is an ornament of man. Man gets honour because of his education. A man without education is considered as the most backward. A man is identified by his education and not by wealth’

Education itself is a wealth. Man without education is like an animal. Education makes man successful, makes his life beautiful. Knowledge is the thing which make one a master of his own master also. Such are the qualities of education and knowledge that is why Mahatma Jyotiba Phule gave such an importance to education, said Dr. Nimbalkar in his thought-provoking speech.

Referring to the abundant natural resources in the district of Gadchiroli, Dr. Nimbalkar said these resources should be exploited and students should be given education on the subject of forest and its properties so that they could become the givers and not the seekers of employment.

Students should set their goal. Big scientists should be their ideals. They should not consider themselves inferior to others. Man should be known by his education and not by his caste or religion, said Dr. Nimbalkar further.

He also advised the teachers to teach the students like their own children. Teachers should ignite the talent of the students and work for making them great. They should update themselves for this task, he added.

Mr. Mohan Hirabai said non-violence preached by Mahatma Gandhi and equality advocated by Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar are co related tools to take the suppressed society ahead. It is wrong to say that these two things are different. Both these leaders wanted change in the society on the base of humanity.  These thoughts are needed to be carried forward.

The Forest Rights Act that was enacted to remove the historical injustice on the forest dwellers, but its implementation has not been done more than 10 percent till date, Mr. Mohan pointed out and appealed the University to create a system that could help the people in getting them 100 percent ownership of the forest encroachment.

Presently there are two extreme thoughts-the one that thinks that the government should do everything and the another that feels that there should be no government. The ‘Mawa Nate Mawa Sarkar’ movement started by the people of the district under the leadership of Dewaji Tofa is the best concept which is the mixture of both, Mohan said. This concept has now become world known, he mentioned.

In his presidential speech Dr. Bokare said the Gondwana University is committed for the development of the students. Quite a progress has been achieved during the last 11 years and much more is planned to be done further, he told. The students have given tremendous response in admission because out teachers reached the students in remote areas, he informed.

The project on minor forest produces is doing well. The district of Gadchiroli has a potential for progress and University will make necessary  efforts for this task, he said.

Mr. Ashok Nete and Dr. Deorao Holi also spoke on the occasion and said they will make necessary efforts for the development of the University.

Various University awards were also distributed to the colleges, Principals, teachers, students and employees at the hands of the guests. Dr. Shriram Kawle made an introductory speech, Dr. Narendra Arekar conducted the programme and Dr. Anil Hirekhan proposed the vote of thanks.




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