Elephant calf died due to herpes virus, says forest officer.

elephant camp
Kamlapur elephant camp

Gadchiroli March 9 (District Correspondent) The elephant calf from Kamlapur Elephant Camp in the district died due to Elephant Endotheliotropic Herpes Virus, according to forest department authorities. The said infant delivered by female elephant Mangala was found dead on Feb. 27 last.

Mangala (32 years old), female elephant from the Kamlapur Elephant Camp was pregnant and expected to give birth between Jan and Feb-2023. Accordingly Veterinary Officer was visiting the camp. The staff at the camp were in constant contact with the veterinary officer and were keeping an eye on the said elephant.

According to the veterinary officer’s examination, the condition of the said elephant was good. The said female elephant did not show any untoward symptoms or signs of illness till delivery. On the morning of 27.02.2023, when Mahawat and Grass Cutter went to the forest to fetch the elephants, at night, a female elephant named Mangala gave birth to a calf in the drain of forest block number-126 of Kamalapur forest area. But the new born calf was found dead and Mangala elephant was standing nearby.

Elephants in Kamalapur Elephant Camp are not captive. Also, during childbirth, the elephant isolates itself from the group of accompanying elephants and gives birth naturally. It should be noted that all previous deliveries have been the similar way, said the forest authorities.

Taking cognizance of the said incident, Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve, Veterinary Officer from Chandrapur and Livestock Development Officer of Mulchera were called to do the autopsy of the dead calf. Preliminary autopsy reports suggest EEHV (Elephant Endotheliotropic Herpes Virus). Organ samples have been collected for examination and sent to WRTC (Wildlife Research and Training Center) Gorewada-Nagpur. Also, the samples will be sent to laboratories in Wayanad and Jabalpur. Currently, Mangala elephant is in good condition and is being closely monitored, informed Punam Pate, Dy. Conservator of forest, Sironcha Division.


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