Dr. Chandramouli appeals students to avail NEP.

new education policy
Dr. A. chandramouli speaking at the workshop as Dr. Tiple and others look on.

Gadchiroli April 29 (District Correspondent) The new education policy is in the best interest of the students. According to this, students can learn various subjects and achieve their all-round development and get useful employment or jobs easily. Therefore, students should take advantage of this new opportunity, appealed Dr.  A. S. Chandramouli, Dean of the Faculty of Humanities, Gondwana University.

He was speaking at the one-day workshop on ‘New Education Policy 2020’ organized at Raje Dharmarao College of Commerce, Alapalli the other day. The program was chaired by the principal of the college Dr. M. U. Tiple. Dr. R. N. Kubde, Head of the Art Department, Dr. N. T. Khobragade, Head of Library Department and Prof. H. K. Rajurkar were prominently present.

Speaking further Dr. chandramouli said that the students who want to take admission in the first year of the university can take full advantage of this opportunity. Due to this policy, those who complete the first year will get a certificate, those who complete two years will get a diploma and those who complete three years will get a degree. He explained the new topic to the students in a very easy language through PPT.

Principal Dr. Tiple said that according to this policy, the rate of student dropout will decrease. Whoever passes will get a certificate or diploma.

Dr. R. N. Kubde made an introductory speech, Dr. R. W. Sur conducted the programme and Prof. Daya Meshram proposed the vote of thanks.  College staff Hoshant Wasekar assisted in the PP T presentation. All the faculty, non-teaching staff and large number of the students attended the program.

Photo Dr. A. chandramouli speaking at the workshop as Dr. Tiple and others look on.


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