Dr. Ambedkar has major role in nation building-Dr. Sukhdeo Thorat.

dr. babasaheb ambedkar chair
Dr. Sukhdeo Thorat speaking as Dr. Shriram Kawle and Dr. anil Hirekhan are seated.

Gadchiroli April 25 (District Correspondent) ‘Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar was a multifaceted and diversified personality with a nationalistic vision. He has a major contribution in the nation building. His thoughts are needed to be reached to the masses and the Gondwana University’s Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar chair will help in doing this task effectively’, said Padmashree Dr. Sukhdeo Thorat, well known economist and ex-Chairman of UGC while inaugurating Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Chair at the Gondwana University here this afternoon.

Dr. Prashant Bokare, Vice Chancellor of the University, presided over the programme while Dr. Prashant Narnawre, commissioner of Social Welfare, Dr. Shriram Kawle, Pro VC, Dr. Anil Hirekhan, Registrar were prominently present.

Dr. Thorat further said Dr. Ambedkar’s work for the depressed classes is well known but apart from this he has done a remarkable work of unifying the country by providing various measures and solutions to the problems arised after Independence. The country could remain united despite several challenges because of his vision, he stated.

The various government institutes like Reserve Bank, Finance Commission, Special Component Plan, Tribal sub-Plan, Water Commission etc are the products of Dr. Ambedkar. Many of the recommendations suggested by Dr. Ambedkar could not be included in the Constitution as he had mentioned in his book ‘State and Minorities’.

Today the country has progressed but poverty and hunger is there. Dr. Ambedkar wanted pro poor and incremental growth. He wanted separate planning for the SC, STs, for non-discriminatory growth, the concept which has now been accepted by the world bank.  Unfortunately, that could not happen that is why country is facing the problems pointed out Dr. Throat.

The Gondwana University should study as to why the tribals have remained backward even after all these years and should include this topic in its curriculum. Discrimination in higher education stop. Sc and STs should have easy access in the new education policy. Drop out of tribal students should stop, tribals should be given financial assistance, regular scholarship and exceptional policies should be chalked out for this, suggested Dr. Thorat.

The university should be attached to the tribal students and this University should become the Tribal university giving special facilities to the tribals, he further advised.

Dr. Bokare in his presidential speech said the thoughts of Dr. Ambedkar are as high as Himalaya. These thoughts should reach the people and the government and Action Plan should be prepared accordingly. The Ambedkar Chair will work in this direction. The chair would create new knowledge that will be useful for the society, he stated. He called upon the youths to come forward and carry forward the thoughts of Dr. Ambedkar.

Dr. Shriram Kawle also spoke on the occasion. Dr. Dilip Barsagade, who designed Dr. Ambedkar Chair delivered an introductory speech and gave the details of the Chair. Dr. Shilpa Athwale conducted the programme and Dr. anil Hirekhan proposed the vote of thanks.

Well known singer Anil Khobragade presented a song ‘Bhartiya Ghatnecha tu Shilpakar Ahe’ in the beginning. A large number of students, teachers, academicians, citizens attended the programme.




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