Cricket helps in developing physical and mental fitness – Dr. Namdeo Usendi.


Gadchiroli Nov. 10 (District Correspondent) Cricket is a very popular outdoor game. This game is played in many countries of the world. Through this game, qualities such as alertness, fitness and discipline are developed and physical and mental development is promoted, said Dr.  Namdev Usendi, former MLA and General Secretary of Maharashtra Pradesh Congress Committee while inaugurating the Cricket Tournament organized by Jai Hanuman Cricket Club, Govardhan Kunghada in Chamorshi taluka the other day.

District Congress Committee President Mahendra Brahmanwade presided. Maharashtra Pradesh Congress General Secretary Dr. Namdev Kirsan, District Congress Committee Vice President Anil Kothare were present as the co-inaugurators while Mr. Rajnikant Motghare,  President of Scheduled Castes Cell, Rupesh Tikle, President of Traffic Cell, Adivasi Congress Secretary Dilip Ghodam, Gram Panchayat Members Roshan Dudhable, Vitthal Dudhable were the guests.

Dr Namdev Usendi while speaking on the occasion further said that Kunghada area in Gadchiroli district is very big and politically important too. For the past fifteen to twenty years, the area has not developed due to the apathetic policy of the people’s representatives. Due to the neglect of the local people’s representatives, the Talodhi irrigation project has been stalled for the last ten years, the stalled work will be completed in the next two to three months, he assured.

The building of Revenue Circle constructed at Kunghada village is in great disrepair, the primary health centre building worth 9 crores also is getting damaged, he pointed out and assured that necessary efforts will be made by the Congress Party to ensure that all remaining development works are completed as soon as possible.

Also present at the programme were Mr. Devaji Pipre, Diwakar Khobe, Pankaj Khobe, Ramesh Kothare, Piyush Gawhare, Sail Vadettiwar Umesh Kunghadkar and many villagers.

Photo Dr. Namdeo Usendi inaugurating the cricket tournament as Dr. Namdeo Kirsan, Mahendra Bramhanwade look on.


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