Community survey of Malaria conducted in Gadchiroli district.


Gadchiroli Dec. 21 (District Correspondent) Malaria Community Survey  was conducted in the district by the District Malaria office between Dec. 1 and 15 last.

Gadchiroli district is geographically hilly, remote and covered with forests and the number of villages that are out of touch is high in this district. During the two seasons of July-August and December-January the prevalence of malaria is found more. To find out the infection of malaria and to stop its spread, this survey was conducted.

This campaign was implemented in the villages where API is more than 10 and in the primary health centres where deaths due to malaria were occurred. The campaign was carried out also to prevent complete transmission of malaria affected patients.

In order to reduce the increasing incidence of winter fever in Gadchiroli district, the government has conducted winter fever community survey campaign in 16 primary health centers in the 6 talukas of Bhamragad, Etapalli, Korchi, Aheri, Dhanora, Kurkheda, which have the highest number of patients in the district.

As many as 672 villages of 115 health sub-centres in 16 primary health centres were included in the campaign. In this campaign, RDK of 1,54,096 population and blood sampling of 87,895 population was undertaken. Also, 23 runners were sent to reach the primary health centre level with additional manpower to reach the blood samples collected. 23 Stainers were appointed for colour processing of blood samples and 23 Laboratory Scientific Officers were appointed from outside the district for examination of blood samples.

Along with this, 16 health assistants were appointed for the proper functioning and supervision of this campaign. Also, 6 Malaria Technical Supervisors, 1 each were appointed for control at taluka level. Out of 87,895 blood samples, 69,609 blood samples have been tested during winter survey campaign period and the remaining 27009 blood samples are expected to be tested in a week. Out of them, 53 patients were found to be suffering from malaria.

Rajesh Karlekar and Sanjay Samarth, the officials from the district level visited Bangadi and Kawande villages in Meldapalli sub-centre where maximum 156 winter fever patients were found in Laheri Primary Health Centre.  It was ensured that preventive and complete treatment was done by visiting the patients affected by winter fever. Besides, health education was given to the citizens in both the villages regarding the use of mosquito nets and spraying of winter fever insecticides and insect-borne diseases.

District Health Officer Dr. Daval Salve and District Winter Officer Dr. Kunal Modak said that the campaign was conducted successfully.

Photo Malaria officials talking to villagers during community survey.


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