BJP wants to wipe out regional parties says Chandrakant Khaire.

shiv sena
Mr. Chandrakant Khaire addressing the press conference as other leaders are seated.

Gadchiroli Feb. 27 (District Correspondent) Bharatiya Janata Party is doing vendetta politics on the power of money to eliminate regional parties across the country. The BJP and the government led by it wants to wipe out the regional parties which is very much dangerous to democracy, alleged senior Shiv Sena leader Mr. Chandrakant Khaire.

Mr. Khaire was in the city for the ‘Shivgarjana Yatra’ during which addressed a press conference at the Circuit house here this morning.

Mr. Khaire further said that the conspiracy to break Shiv Sena is going on. BJP is misusing autonomous institutions like ED, CBI, Election Commission, Supreme Court etc and applying them behind the anti BJP regional parties. On the other hand, by using the money power, the work of breaking people’s representatives and leaders in regional parties is also going on. If this is not stopped, the democracy in the country will come to an end, he cautioned.

We will teach a lesson to the BJP in the upcoming elections by forging an alliance with all opposition parties. Shivgarjana Abhiyan has been organized to awaken the people about the mis- deeds of the ruling BJP, he told.

He further alleged that the Election Commission acted under pressure from the Centre in the party name and symbol case. But this will not end Shiv Sena. BJP is winning elections on the basis of EVM. That’s why Shiv Sena is against EVM, Khaire alleged.

He further alleged that the EVMs are manipulated through satellite under the supervision of country’s home Minister Amit Shah for which he has deployed special technicians. One of the persons engaged in the task told me this, he claimed. Shiv Sena supremo Uddhav Thackeray has already demanded that all future elections should be conducted on this ballot paper and all opposition parties have united on this demand. He appealed the political parties to launch intensive agitation against the use of EVM in elections.

The Surajgarh Iron Project in Gadchiroli district was sanctioned with Mr. Uddhao Thackeray’s signature when he was the Chief Minister of Maharashtra. This project was set up to provide employment to the unemployed youth in the district. But the company is neglecting in giving employment to the local people. Shiv Sena is trying to bring justice to the local people. There will be a fierce agitation to raise the demand, said Mr. Sharad Koli, leader of Yuwa Sena who was accompanying Mr. Khaire during the tour.

Due to the Surjagad Project of the Lloyds Metals a large-scale illegal traffic is taking place. The mining project has very adverse environmental impact and pollution in the area has increased to a large extent, said Mr. Koli.  The Shiv Sena will also try to get justice to the local people by filing a PIL in the court, he told.

Also present at the press conference were Mr. Prakash Marawar, Dr. Gopal Bakshi, senior functionaries, Kishor Potdar, Contact chief, Wasudeo Shedmake, District Shiv Sena chief, Vilas Kodap, Dy. Chief, Ms. Chhayatai Kumbhare, Shiv Sena Women’s chief, Smita Naitam and others.



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