Baby elephant in Kamlapur Camp dies after birth.

elephant camp
Kamlapur elephant camp

Gadchiroli Feb. 28 (District correspondent) A baby elephant delivered by a female elephant ‘Mangala’ from the Kamlapur Elephant Camp under Sironcha Forest Division died soon after its birth on Monday.

Kamlapur Elephant Camp is quite famous in the district and many tourists visit this place every day to seen the elephants. Presently there are as many as 8 elephants, including 6 female and 2 males, in this Elephant Camp.

32 year old Mangala was pregnant and her delivery was due between January and February, according to forest officials. Accordingly, Mangala gave birth to a baby in the forest of Kamlapur but the new born baby was found in dead condition.

On knowing this, the forest officials swung into action and post mortem was performed upon the dead elephant baby by the veterinary doctors of the Tadoba Andheri Tiger Reserve (TATR) and the Livestock Development Officer from Mulchera. The samples of the dead baby have also been sent to the laboratory for the further examination.

The exact reason behind the death of the baby elephant could be known only after the receipt of the report of the laboratory, said the Dy. Conservator of Forest, Sironcha Division Punam Pate. The health of mother Mangala is however sound, added the officer.

The issue of the death of baby elephant is being widely discussed among the wildlife lovers and the people in the area.

This elephant camp has always been in the news due to unnatural death of the elephants. A couple of elephants had died in the past that had evoked quite a strong resentment among the people, it should be mentioned here.



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