Ashok Nete demands stoppage of all the trains at Salekasa.

ashok nete
Mr. Ashok Nete submitting a memorandum to the Railway Minister.

Gadchiroli Dec. 9 (District Correspondent) Gadchiroli Chimur Lok Sabha Member of Paliament Ashok Nete has demanded stoppage of all the trains at Salekasa Railway station in Gondia district.

Mr. Nete raised a question the ongoing session of Lok Sabha and also met the railway minister Aswanikumar Vaisnaw and submitted him a memorandum in this regard.

Saleksa Taluka is a part of Gadchiroli-Chimur Lok Sabha Constituency which is a few hundred kilometres away from Nagpur. This is a part of the largest parliamentary constituency in the country covered with huige tribal population. This area is highly backward and tribal, Naxal infested, remotely situated and underdeveloped. The only railway stations under this Lok Sabha constituency are Wadsa (Desaiganj) in Gadchiroli district and Saleksa in Gondia district, which is also a tehsil place, pointed out the memorandum.

A large number of people in this Lok Sabha constituency travel by train only from the railway stations at Wadsa and Saleksa. However, since no stoppage of all the trains is presently available at both these Wadsa and Saleksa railway stations, the residents of the area are facing great hardships. The residents of the area have been demanding for many days that all the trains should be stopped at Wadsa and Saleksa railway stations, but their demand has not been fulfilled till date, so they are bitterly angry and disappointed, it was further stated.

Therefore, stoppage of all trains be sanctioned at Saleksa railway station in Gondia district, it was demanded. The minister assured Mr. Nete to look into the matter.




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